Full Name


My Birthday




My Hometown

Detroit suburb

Me in a nutshell

I’m a 9th grade science teacher, a dog-mom to a crazy 5 year-old Beagle/Jack Russell named Vinnie,or “Menace,” as my husband calls him, and a human mommy to the best surprise present I ever got – a super sweet, and chock-full of personality and energy 1 year-old daughter, Kellyanne.

I Heart

Red lipstick, polka dots, big hats, stilletos, baseball, motorcycles, puppy love, rainstorms, porchswings, hanging ferns, strong coffee, cold beer, change of seasons,making lists, scarves, massages, cooking classes, salsa dancing, food-scented candles, having every color on the palette of eyeshadows and lip glosses!

Tell Us More

I NEVER go without these

Suki Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser, Kiehls tea tree oil toner, Caudalie Vinoperfect serum, Lancome Primordiale moisturizer, Dior airflash foundation, Dior black liquid eyeliner, Tarte mascara, and Coco Chanel perfume.

Biggest splurge or steal in my closet

Steal: probably those $5 (if that) tanks from Old Navy that I wear almost every day and have in every color. I’m not very good at finding bargains – no patience for that!

Splurge: The Burberry purse I just had to get to match the Burberry coat I got from Oprah on her Fav Things show for teachers a few years back! Took me 4 months to pay it off, but so worth it!

do-gooder: Why I am one

Well, I teach junior high…enough said…

I do try to always be polite, have a smile for strangers, say please and thank you, and hold open doors for anyone around me.

I donate to my church, veteran’s groups, and am promising to clean out my closets to donate clothes to Salvation Army over the holidays – it’s gonna be huge!!

read, watch, listen:Favorite books

Marley and Me, Outlander, Godless, the Bible, any book written by James Patterson, Harlan Coben, Dean Koontz, Joy Fielding. I’ve been known to read 20-30 books during my summers off – but they’re pretty much all mystery/horrors.

Favorite bands

Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, anything new country, flamenco

Favorite TV shows

Lost, The Office, CSI (Vegas and Miami), 24, Project Runway, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Syle – I am loving Desp Housewives this year, too!

Favorite movies

The Natural, Christmas Vacation, Best in Show, Frankenstein, Pretty Woman, Grease

home & living:My favorite room in my house

My red and white bedroom – it’s romantic and cozy at the same time.

potluck:Five people (dead or alive) I’d invite to a party

Every best friend/boyfriend I’ve ever had – I am pretty reserved but always seem to attract crazy fun people…

beauty & fashion: I can skip these

Bracelets, watches, rings – anything on my hands makes me feel claustrophobic! Anything that doesn\’t match – I just cannot pick up on that style…

eat, drink, be merry: Tell us your go to meal

Quick and easy: Strips of those awesome grocery store pre-cooked chickens and \”bee-bees\” (acini de pepe pasta) cooked in chicken broth.

Fancy: it\’s a toss-up b/w vodka pasta with shrimp or beef tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes

If I were an 80’s movie/tv/music star, I’d be

Diane Chambers on Cheers – well, maybe not that bad!