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Me in a nutshell

a nut

I Heart

music, shoes, bags/purses, body scrubs, mani-pedis, a well made drink, bunnies, my family

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I NEVER go without these

Some sort of heel. A great pair of jeans and a designer bag!

Biggest splurge or steal in my closet

My recent Jo Malone shopping trip I’d say is a big splurge.
My best steal would be my winter jackets that I got Black Friday of 2007 buy one get one for a PENNY! Yes a penny!

do-gooder: Why I am one

I donate to United Way. We donate products to the local rescue league and I send packages out to troops a couple of times a year.

read, watch, listen:Favorite books

Timetravelers Wife; To Kill a Mockingbird; The Shack; Little Woman; The Other Boleyn Girl; Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood;Water for Elephants; Team of Rivals

Favorite bands

Counting Crows; Guns N’ Roses; Everclear; my guilty pleasure is Freestyle music, Patsy Cline and Bette Midler

Favorite TV shows

CSI (Vegas); Intervention; Current season of Celebrity Rehab; Golden Girls; Good Times; Sanford and Son;The Soup (I heart Joel McHale)

Favorite movies

Shag; Seven; Forrest Gump; Greese; Steel Magnolias; Grey Gardens; Nightmare b4 Christmas; Dirty Dancing; Airplane; Old School; Superbad; The Money Pit; Fight Club; Good Fellas; Little Miss Sunshine

home & living:My favorite room in my house

Our bedroom, it’s so cozy!

potluck:Five people (dead or alive) I’d invite to a party

Wow this is hard….only 5?
Janis Joplin
John Lennon
Howard Stern
Tina Fey
Chris Farley

beauty & fashion: I can skip these

Flat shoes, I don’t think I own a pair. Flip Flops don’t count.

eat, drink, be merry: Tell us your go to meal

Best cold winter meal that is my requested by my husband is Turkey Chili.

If I were an 80’s movie/tv/music star, I’d be

If I was a dude I’d be The Hoff
Blanch from the Golden Girls