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Eucerin Winter skin tips

2013: Eucerin Brand Ambassadors


June 2013: Selected for Bacardi Mixers’ 99 Days & 99 Drinks campaign and had a signature drink developed for us; the Kumquat Kick Back

January 2013: we heart this featured in Nuance by Salma Hayek YouTube promotion

December 2012: Quote from Spambot trying to sell us UGG replicas – “Can I just say what a relief to come across a person who truly knows what they’re talking about on the internet. I can’t believe you’re not even more well-liked given that you unquestionably have the gift.”

Spring/Summer 2012: Oh, look who is it is in the pages of New Beauty (and online). It’s our fabulous writer Marilyn’s quote and photos from our RevitaLash review!

March 2012: Stylist (part of AOL and the Huffington Post) includes images and ideas from our How to Have a Mad Men Party post in their 60s Cocktail Party Plan.

September 2011: Stef and Tyna were selected by John Freida and Glam Media to take part in an ad campaign involving a trip to NYC and makeovers by both teams. Watch both videos below and witness our proudest we heart this moment thus far.

part of the marketing for the John Frieda campaign


March 2011: Stef and Tyna contribute a week of guest posts at the ever-fab Birchbox, including this post – Five steps to Red Lips.


October 2010: AMC gathered the best Mad Men theme party links and shared them on their website. Who’d they pick? Oh, just Epicurious, Oprah and lil’ old we heart this!


September 2010: Temptalia, one of the biggest beauty blogs around, declares us one her favorites (what an honor!)


January 2009: Check out our Colbert Nation shout out! It’s true, we do heart Stephen.


And as we wait for the rest of the wht praise to roll in, here’s what some have said about Stef and Tyna thus far…

Tyna on Stef – If you’re lucky enough to have Stef as a friend in your life; here are some things you need to know. She’s great at planning. If you’re traveling with her or just going out to dinner, stand back and let Stef make the decisions. She’ll always give you a list of amazing choices and has a knack for creating a theme for any occasion. While she’s a very creative person, she’s also the most organized person I know. She makes a list of the lists that she needs to write! We’ve always worked well together since she can take our scattered thoughts and ideas and put them into an organized and pretty package. She is the reason you are reading this blog; which would have only existed in my mind as a “someday project” without her skills. On the downside, she can be a little too competitive playing board games and has occasionally been called bossy. As for me, I doubt a girl could find a better best friend in all her life. Oh and she makes some mean deviled eggs.

Stef on Tyna – Tyna is the sleepiest person I’ve ever met in my life, once being illustrated by her sleeping till 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon (not following a night out either!) Luckily, she’s also the smartest person I’ve ever known. Maybe all that knowledge makes her tired. All through school she was told by teachers that I was holding her back, she never considered it once. T just yawned, passed me her homework to copy and asked for my Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker. All these years later, she’s the first person I call for advice, a world-class shopper, and a generous vegetarian who never complains when I tell her I want to go for sushi for my birthday dinner. The only flaws I can think of are that she needs to clean the liter box more often and should eat breakfast. Other than that, she’s a joy to be around. I feel lucky to know her, as will you.