Kleenex Exfoliating Pads review

Kleenex Exfoliating Pads review

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A classic brand has just taken my travel game to a whole new level. It’s got nothing to do with booking flights. It’s not even new luggage. It’s a little round disc made by Kleenex. And I’m not exaggerating one iota by saying I don’t know how I ever traveled without them.


Where have Kleenex Exfoliating Pads been all my life? ($9.99 for 12 with dispenser, $4.99 for 12 refills) I’m an overpacker and an over thinker. I’ve always been both. Even if I’ve got a travel size cleanser on hand to pack, what happens when I arrive at a friend’s house that doesn’t have washcloths? (I.e. pretty much all of my friends.) Do I use the splash/make a mess of the sink method to remove the product? So rude!


These take care of both issues beautifully, and make my skin look great to boot.

With built-in cleanser, an exfoliating side and a soft side, Kleenex Exfoliating Pads are perfect for travel. Add water to the blue scrubby side, squeeze the pad to work up a lather and exfoliate your cheeks, nose and chin. Use the white smoother side around more delicate areas, like your eyes. Finally, rinse the pad clean and use it to remove cleanser from your face and buff it clean.


These would have been great with just cleanser alone, but it is genius that they exfoliate too. I don’t know about you, my travel is my number one skin freak-out time. To be able to give it a deep cleaning on the road really helps. Added alpha-hydroxy packed pineapple and papaya speed the exfoliation along.

But here’s the thing, as brilliant as these are for travel, you may find yourself reaching for them at home too. They’re packaged in a pretty, clear and purple ombre plastic container that’s easy to see and open. Leave them on your counter and grab one whenever you need a bit of polishing (up to three times a week).


Total game changers: Kleenex Exfoliating Pads.

10 thoughts on “Kleenex Exfoliating Pads review”

  1. This is right up my alley! I was just staying with a friend and she does not understand my obsession with wash clothes. (At home I use about 3 per day.) One to take the makeup off and then one to wash my face. Then another to clean my face in the am. This sounds WAY better than makeup wipes I pack when I stay at her house. I love the double duty concept and can’t wait to try them!

  2. This is such a unique and useful product, there’s no way I’m going to be able to resist it. I’m surprised I haven’t spotted it in the stores yet. I’ll be on the lookout!

  3. Wow. Those puppies are pricey. 41+ cents each? Seriously? And I don’t get to use my own cleanser? Great idea, and handy for travel, I guess, but for everyday? Nope.

  4. These are so cool! Kleenex Exfoliating Pads? Are you kidding me? I want to have them in my bathroom! I’ll be on the look out too!

  5. I’m surprised so many you think these are expensive! I must spend too much on skincare because they seem like a steal to me. Plus, it’s half as much for the refill only. You could just buy the refills if you don’t care about the cute container.
    But, I appreciate your feedback, it’s interesting to see.

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