Weekly love list – Lucinda Williams

This week we love all of our members, new and old, who are helping us build such a great community! We especially love reading each and every profile and discovering shared interests and new things to heart. Did you know your profile page can introduce you to other wht members with common interests? It’s true, just click on any of the randomly generated orange links in your profile page to search members who listed that same item (see question 10 on our FAQ).

Oh, and we would love it even more if you really let it all out by filling in the Tell Us More section of your profile (keep reading question 10 for details). Big bonus! Completing the Tell Us More section of your profile page make you eligible for the wht giveaways! And oh boy, do we have a good one coming up in February!

So just for fun, here’s the answers from the “I Heart” section of our own profile pages…

Stef hearts: Stephen Colbert, vintage glass advertising ashtrays, my bug vacuum,my family and friends, high heels and purses, BPAL oils, The Young and the Restless, Simon Le Bon, fonts, sushi, 30 Rock, Amy & David Sedaris, MAKEUP, Belgium beer, old school rap, turquoise, state fairs, getting my hair did, Mad Men, Skater boys circa 1986, thrifting, tiny paintings, dogs playing poker, Brian Williams, Rockabilly girl style, Six Feet Under, going somewhere I have never been, a good sale and most of all- Derwood.

Tyna hearts: Organizing closets, Radiohead, Sunday newspapers, ice hockey and the Philadelphia Flyers, vinyl records, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, used book stores, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and all things Whedon, thrift stores, Joan Didion, breakfast for dinner, black tank tops, candles (especially ones with a cause), my family and friends and kitty and dog, Target, reading at least one more chapter before I go to sleep, Lucinda Williams, cheesy teen-age television shows, Douglass Coupland, making mixed cds, gymnastics blogs, my roommate’s homemade cheesecake.



Tyna is a former editor and co-founder of we heart this that worries about becoming a crazy cat lady, reads at least a book a week, checks in at a Flyers fan forum every morning and is forever organizing her closets and drawers.
skin tone: NW 20/25
skin type: combination
favorite beauty product: eye shadows and lip balms

4 thoughts on “Weekly love list – Lucinda Williams”

  1. Somehow I never noticed the Tell Us More part on the profile. Cool.
    Nice job on the lists too – I love BPAL oils and their site is such a trip! I want to purchase a Lucinda concert poster as well – they rock and are pretty cheap as well!

  2. That cheesecake must be amazing!! Tyna maybe you could get your roommate to post the recipe!!!!
    I love you ladies!!!! 6 feet under and Buffy!!!!
    This is officially my favorite web-site!!!

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