Jill Biden’s Boots Were Made For Talking!

When we started this blog, Stef and I made the decision not to make politics a part of it. While we both have some deep political beliefs, we didn’t feel comfortable making that a part of we heart this. We envisioned a site full of great conversations with a touch of snark and a supportive community of women making new friends based on the really important things – television shows, lip gloss and cocktail recipes. Even with the best intentions, political discussions always seem to evolve into hollow catch phrases, misstated facts and name-calling. Therefore, we decided no politics on wht.

With that said, you would have to have been unconscious if you were not following life in Washington DC over the last 24 hours. Whether you watched the inauguration with an ear-to-ear smile or through closed eyes and plugged ears, you were watching. And since we’re not talking politics, let’s talk fashion! After all the pomp and circumstance, the image that burns most in my mind is Jill Biden and her fabulous red coat and knee high boots combo that she rocked at the swearing in ceremony. What can I say, I really love boots!

Pulling on a fierce pair of boots always add some swagger to my step. My weak ankles make it impossible for me to walk confidently in strappy shoes or pumps. But put me in a great pair of high-heeled boots and I instantly feel more confident and strong. It’s like the way a new pair of sneakers made you think you could run faster and jump higher when you were a kid. Killer boots always give me a boost.

Looking for a new pair of boots to add some spring to your step? There are some great deals to be had over at endless.com. You could spend 100’s of dollars for boots similar to Mrs. Biden’s, but check out this pair from Kenneth Cole REACTION; great shape, cute details and a walkable heel. I’ve always been very pleased with the quality of this brand and it’s a good price ($105) for a pair that should give you years of wear. If you feel the need to drop a lot of cash, I’m drooling over this sleek version by Charles David. I also found this low cost, man-made alternative from Unlisted (by Kenneth Cole) for only $50. Like most of their shoes, all three pairs are available with Free Overnight Shipping.

Unfortunately, Jill seems to be getting mixed reviews on her outfit. Some people thought she was inappropriately dressed for the occasion. Not me, I was captivated at first glance. (Although, I would have advised that she wear a pair of black tights for some warmth.) Moreover, the fact that she stole a little of Michele Obama’s thunder on such a momentous day, deserves some props. How about you guys – what did you think of the boots and skirt combo? Yay or nay?

AP photo by Gerald Herbert / January 20, 2009



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11 thoughts on “Jill Biden’s Boots Were Made For Talking!”

  1. I’m giving Jill the complete YAY! on the black boots with the skirt. How completely fabulous, and big chicky hearts to her look!

  2. stef

    I loved the look. Slightly understated, but I think she should have been. If she would have worn something as “big” as Michelle it wouldn’t have been right, or god forbid “bigger” and steal her thunder. I loved that both of them wore bright colors, symbolizing optimism. Even the girls! Especially the youngest girl, Sasha. How cute was she in her bright orange bouncing up the carpet?

    I think it’s so great that Michelle chose American designers for both looks (inaugural and ball). And perhaps even cooler, lesser-known designers.

    I am SO happy to be discussing fashion and the white house in the same comment!

  3. I agree! Jill Biden always looks adorable! Did anyone see her inaugural gown? She looked stunning! The fit, the flow, the color. Amazing! I also thought Michelle Obama looked great in both looks! The little girls were too cute! But i’m going to go with Jill Biden as the overall winner.

  4. suzan

    I loved both Michelle and Jill. I am really liking the Michelle added punch to her dress with the green shoes. Jill’s boots are very very cute and I love love love her coat. In fact I was on overstock today checking out a cute little red number from Michael Kors. Poor Michelle though, they are already trying to say she is the next Jackie O. That is a lot to live up to.
    T – I can’t believe you didn’t plug your Bandolino boots.

  5. kate2004rock

    Red Coat: A (Needs a scarf though)
    Skirt: B – it might be a little bit on the casual side
    Boots: A+ for theory/B- for execution. They look to be made out of suede or a nylon-ish sort of material. Leather would have dressed the ensemble up considerably.

    But I don’t know how anyone can say she stole Michelle’s thunder. I know red is a powerful eye-grabber. But I think that GOLD still trumps them all.

  6. I loved Jill’s look. She looked sexy and smart! I wasn’t in love with Michelle’s dress, but I didn’t hate it either. I think both woman looked appropriate for the events. Now where can I snag those boots????

  7. stef

    Kate-I’m with you on this. I thought Michelle’s Isabel Toledo AM outfit was stunning. But I gotta say, I liked Jill’s dress from the ball better. So it’s a inaugural tie in my eyes!

  8. sherrishera

    I must say I think Jill was just “O.K.” To be stunning in the classic red and black, and appropriate for both the well below freezing temp sand occasion, I think she should have stayed monochromatic underneath the striking coat: black (highly appropriate) boots, black tights, black sheath dress. If it were a warmer spring day (and not as important occasion as the inauguration) she could do that khaki skirt, bare legs and a killer pump–black, sand, red–with a red coat. To me it looked like she mixed her seasons up a bit, as well as mixing up her casual and dressy attire. I’m all for mixing it up, but carefully and with purpose.
    As for whomever it is who is giving her a hard time about wearing boots….who do they think they are? Certainly not anyone whose toes have gone numb in a pump in the middle of winter!

  9. OK…here’s my two cents….i thought the boots were awesome…and i loved her coat….i liked the fact she wore a coat i found it distracting that michelle did not have a heavier coat on…it was cold that day!!! i did not like the show of leg however..i like that look in general, but i though it made the look too casual for the occasion…great pair if textured tights or longer coat maybe?….Sasha and Malia were the two standouts for me! loved the fact that they had similar but different looks on i hope these girls are treated as individuals in the future and not lumped together as the obama girls for the next 4 (8) years…they have such a bright exciting but complicated future ahead of them! i did really like michelle’s gown…..i was pleasantly surprised on how light and airy it was…its such a serious time and there are so many serious issues surrounding these administration..i was happy she didn’t go with something severe and serious!

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