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While I wouldn’t go so far as to say I enjoy doing laundry, it is by far the household task I enjoy the most. I’m totally methodical and ocd about my laundry, the way I sort my clothes and load the machine, what can go in the dryer and what has to hang dry, folding and storing…you get the picture. The one thing that I absolutely hate and have not even attempted in years is ironing. (I believe my last iron went for 5 bucks at my yard sale). If I’m handling heavy and hot-enough-to-burn appliances I better get something good out of it – like a casserole or a cake. For years, my only way to avoid wrinkled clothes was to hang them in bathroom while I showered and let the steam do its work.

Then my Mom and sister, Susan, introduced me to the wonders of Downy Wrinkle Releaser on one of their trips to Los Angeles. My mom is crazy about wrinkles (as in not having any) and clothes. In a scene much like you would see in a commercial, Mom gushed over this miraculous spray that kept her traveling clothes wrinkle-free. Sadly, in our product obsessed family, that isn’t such an unusual scene.

According to their site, the Downy Wrinkle Releaser contains a “unique formula that relaxes fabric fibers, helping to release wrinkles…and helps keep your casual clothes looking neat without all the hassle of ironing.” The instructions are basic as well: Just spray the mist lightly over the item, stretch and smooth out the offending wrinkles and let dry. I was happily surprised that the advertised “light fresh scent” was just that. The scent isn’t chemically, it’s just that nice freshly-washed smell and fades away as the clothes dry.

Oh and it actually works as well! I’ve used it on my lightly wrinkled cottons shirts and tees with much success. It even rescued a linen shirt that was so wrinkled it was unwearable. I had tried the shirt on and discarded it one morning. Two days later, I wanted to wear that shirt and found it in a pile on top of my dresser. After a spray session with my Downy Wrinkle Releaser and some drying time, I was ready to go. Oh, I should also mention that my wardrobe is pretty dark (I have entirely too many black clothes) and I never had any issues with residue marks.

Finally, I found some tips for other uses of the Downy Wrinkle Release. Use it for freshening up bed linens between washes, to smooth a business outfit right before an important meeting or use it to remove fold marks from new purchases, like curtains.

So, are you ready to put your iron in the future yard sale box? We heart this peeps, what did you think of the Downy Wrinkle releaser?



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17 thoughts on “Downy Wrinkle Releaser – wht review”

  1. Cori

    I don’t know how much this stuff cost but I have found that if you use the off brand of febreze (which is a lot cheaper) it works just as well. I have been using it for a few years now and I have been wrinkle free and smelling fresh!

  2. stef

    Ironing is the worst! The last thing I ironed was about 3 years ago when I had to iron my husband’s old Elvis Halloween costume. So this was a welcome addition to my house. I first saw it when Susan brought it to Vegas. When she brought it out of her suitcase and started spraying her dress on the hanger and gently pulling out the wrinkles, we all oohed and aahed. We were impressed. And I still am, this stuff works! It smells good too, very Febreezy. So it freshens your clothes too. I don’t think you can throw your iron away, you won’t get crisp creases, but this is great when you want something fast.

  3. This stuff has been added to the shopping list! I don’t really mind ironing, but in my house “ironing board” seems to mean “put all kinds of junk here,” and my desire to iron is always weaker than my desire to clean up the clutter.

    How long does it take to dry? Are we talking about spraying, wearing, and running out the door within a couple of minutes?

  4. stef

    Kristen, yeah if my ironing board was out-it would be another surface for junk too! Luckily I have one of those cute old timey ones that folds up into the wall.

    It dries quick, but it depends how much you spray really. Light wrinkles is just a light spray. Deep set wrinkles and you need a bit more. But typically, dry in a few minutes.

  5. irene

    My latest lifesaver has landed…Good old Downy has an amazing product that will actually make your clothes look nice and neat, yes virtually no more wrinkles! You must try “Downy Wrinkle Releaser” today! Who doesn’t feel like you need to improve the appearance of your wardrobe? Give this product a whirl, you will thank me. Okay, I’m painting a picture of yours truly.. I’m not exactly the sort that enjoys folding clothes, or much of anything.. If I can hang it up I will.. And if it falls to the floor, that’s were It remains until I find it in a lump- all wrinkled! Just spray, tug, smooth, and you are good to go! I admit that I need Tyna’s help. T, I could use your amazing organizational closet skills in a serious way.

    This product is so easy to use. Just a light spray reduces wrinkles and will keep all your clothes looking neat- Throw away that iron you never use anyway! This also leaves your clothes with incredible softness. I used this on some household items too.. I had a load of linen napkins and tablecloths that I never used because of their wrinkles.. Well, now I use them all the time and love that I don’t need to iron –ever! This is also safe for your special dry clean only clothes! See, I told you it was a lifesaver and money saver! We all could use that extra money for something else!

  6. tyna

    Thanks for the tip Cori! I actually like the downy better because I find Febreze smells too strong for my liking. it lingers way too long on pilows and sofas and gives me a headache. I’m sensitive to stuff like that, so this is the perfect alternative.

    Oh, I also used this on some cloth napkins I had stored and it got rid of the creases and gave them a freshly laundered scent. Love it!

  7. I love this spray. I’ve been using it for at least a year now. Sadly, I do have to iron clothes at my house. I use this spray instead of spray starch when I iron. It really helps those super wrinkly fabrics come out wrinkle free and cuts my ironing time in half. Plus it makes my clothes smell extra fresh. I also have this spray sitting next to me when I fold clothes. It does miracles on wrinkly kid t-shirts and shorts. I’ve even used this spray on my husband’s dress shirts. I keep a travel size bottle in my suitcase too. It really is a wonderful invention and will be on my shopping list for a long time to come. I give Downy Wrinkle Realease 5 stars!

  8. suzan

    Ok so I have been using this wrinkle releaser for years. Since it first came out. I don’t even own an iron. Tip for deep set wrinkles spray on a little heavier and throw item in dryer on low for 5 mins, wrinkles gone and dry! I’m still amazed and so proud that I was able to impress my product obsessed sister Tyna and her equally obsessed BFF and introduce them to something new. Those two usually know about products prior to creation. I also have the travel size bottles for traveling and I have to admit on improtant meeting days I throw one in my make-up bag with my tide stick because on the drive in, I get wrinkled and spill tea on myself everytime.

  9. christy

    5 Stars from me too! I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but this totally surprised me! I love the travel size, as I’m always on the go and what’s not to love about that fresh Downy scent! I have to try the 5 min in the dryer trick for major wrinkles.

    I was impressed at how quickly it does the trick, spray it, stretch it, come back in a few and boom your wrinkles are gone & your good to go!

    I also have to try it on my linen napkins.. Thanks for the tip on that Pamela!!! =)

  10. krista

    I’ve love Downy Wrinkle Releaser! I HATE ironing more than brussel sprouts. Seriously. This stuff works on the smallest to the largest items. I use it on pants to get the fold crease out of them and to “iron” my husband’s shirts with. True confession: I let my hubby think that I painstakingly iron his clothes. “Slaving away ironing work clothes” sounds better than “Watching ‘Confessions of a Teen Idol’ on VH1”. I used it on all of the drapes in my new house to get all of the fold creases out–it worked beautifully. You ever have a shirt that you balled up and wedged in a drawer (I’m an excellent homemaker)? It even works on that. Side note: it also kills static cling which is AWESOME. I love multi-tasking products and this is one at the top of my list. 5 stars!!!

  11. Mel

    I give it 5 stars, too! It absolutely does work on basic wrinkles – nothing too deep set for me – but I also haven’t tried it yet with Susan’s 5 minute dryer trick, either – love that suggestion, as well as the curtains and napkins…for when I finally graduate from blinds and paper towels – geez you’d think I still lived in a college dorm room! I also agree with the lighter/fresher than Febreeze scent. I have “pregnancy super nose” right now, and can’t stand many scents – this one though makes me happy and that is a good, good thing. I am mostly using it now to freshen up the slightly wrinkled big shirts I’ve been having to pull out of the back of the overstuffed closet lately and it works like a charm on those.

  12. Hmmm, this is something I would never even think of buying, I didn’t even know it existed. Now, I’ve added it to my drugstore list and can’t wait to try it out. Does it really help with static cling? My life is a static cling nightmare during the winter!

  13. tyna

    Thanks Krista and Corinne for reminding me about the static cling. I wanted to mention that I used my Downy on my green, faux suede couch that get so static-y! It freshened the couch and stopped the static – awesome for the dry days of winter.

  14. krista

    Heck, I spray the stuff on my hairbrush before I brush my hair so I don’t look like a crazed scientist. If the spray doesn’t work on it’s own and you don’t have a dryer, spray the fabric down and put it in a closed bathroom and run the shower on hot, the steam will really help and the Downy will make steam work better than on it’s own.

    1. Sojourn Brazeale Anam

      That’s cool, I didn’t know anyone else used it on their hair. It’s great to use just a bit as it helps with straightening, or curling – it makes it super-quick! It also helps with hold. Careful, though – if you use too much there is a lot of residue that can cause your hair to look dirty or else if it gets out of place, it gets messy easily and it becomes difficult to manage. Spraying it on a brush and using it in towel-dry hair with a bit of leave-in conditioner works amazingly well.

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