Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Picks for all the ones you love…

for sweeties

Stef’s suggestion:
See’s Candies Custom Mix Box – $19.10 for 1 lb.
Call me traditional, but I want chocolate for Valentine’s day. And nothing makes me happier than this California landmark candy maker. The beauty of this box is that you can custom pick the flavors. Want an insider tip? I used to be friend’s with an actual See. Her favorite candy? The Butterscotch Squares – Vanilla, brown sugar and caramel. Oh my yum.

Tyna’s suggestion:
MGM The Princess Bride $4.99
The perfect movie for a Valentine’s night; funny, sweet, romantic, and beloved by all – men, women and kids. Get a copy for repeated viewings at a steal of a price!

for friends

Stef’s suggestion:
Kevyn Aucoin Expert Lip Tint in Bloodroses– $23
One of the best lipsticks around in a deep red with a touch of burgundy. A color no girl should be without, even if she only wears it once a year!

Tyna’s suggestion:
Umbrella Heaven Heart Umbrella $27.62
I like a playful umbrella and this heart shaped one is the most charming I’ve ever seen! Show your best friend you’ll always have her covered and gift her with a heart umbrella in her favorite color.

for kids

Stef’s suggestion:
Land of Nod Valentine’s Day Leg Warmers – $12
Sweet lil’ leg warmers for the lil’ cutie in your life. Choose between stripes or hearts. Awww.

Tyna’s suggestions:
Girls Nick & Nora® Dress-Up Kitten Nightgown $7.49
You may need to save this sleeveless nightgown for summer (or layer it over some thermals) but read the description again – kitties playing dress up! Girls will l-o-v-e this pink nightgown.
Boys Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition $29.44
Boys (and girls too) will love the ATM-like banking computer that keeps track of each player’s bank. Parents will love that there’s no fake paper money to distribute or clean up (that’s if you manage not to tear, spill on or lose the funny money).

for pets

Stef’s suggestions:
Pampered Dog Gifts Heart shaped carob treats – $7.50 for 6 over-sized cookies
Your dog won’t like these anymore than bone shaped cookies (or cookie blobs for that matter), but you will!
Dog T-shirt that reads:Bitches love me – $19.95
Nothing tells your pet you love them more than dressing them up in clothes that will make people laugh.

Tyna’s suggestion:
Jax and Bones Bloom Bedding in Sweettooth $79
These high quality, rounded flower shaped beds were designed especially for cats and teacup dogs. I know my kitty, Giles and his best friend Charlie, would look awfully sweet and be awfully happy curled up in this bed.



Stef is a plethora of things. Amongst them: co-founder of we heart this, photographer, condiment connoisseur, Philly girl in the California desert, borderline hoarder and a hardcore beauty junkie. She also has a touch of wanderlust and, arguably, the cutest dog in the whole world...
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3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day gift ideas”

  1. I LOVE that umbrella! they have it so many great colors too. That site is great! They have a really cool and totally cute styles. The flower shaped bed is totally cute. I have 4 of her beds and they are well worth it! And they hold up great!

  2. tyna

    The umbrella rules, doesn’t it? I may break down and get one for myself, even though I have like 5 cute umbrellas and live in Southern califnora – I need it!

    My other fave is that doggie tee-shirt! How cute is that toungue sticking out? Bitches heart me – ha!

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