It’s New York fashion week!

Oh, to be in New York this week for fashion week! The glamour, the clothes, the celebs, the parties. Alas, for most of us mere mortals, we watch it all from afar. Here’s a couple of sites for those of you gagging to find out what you’re going to be wearing this year. Psst, I hear it’s a lot of jewel tones-teal, magenta, purple-hooray!

Start here, at the Official New York Fashion Week Round-up site that has the weekly schedule of all the shows broken down by date and time or by designers, plus updates on the latest events and news, photographs from every show and behind the scenes video. By far, the best feature on this site is the almost instant turnaround of pictures of the clothes straight from the runaway with in hours of a shows completion. For instance, Carolina Herrera’s tent show goes on Monday at 10am and you can probably check out her latest line on your computer over a late lunch.

If you want more, more, more, check out Fashion Week Daily, the official blog of Fashion Week for runway reviews, the buzz on the big hits and misses, plus information and gossip from the party scenes. No talk of blogs and fashion would be complete without a shout-out to Fashionista. Get over there if you want to read an intelligent and fun blog dedicated to providing the latest news and styles in the fashion world. They had a very interesting blurb on the sudden influx of skin care companies sponsoring runway shows in 2009 which is a curious trend.

Finally, here’s some shows we are (or were) particularly excited for:
Saturday – Barbie
Call me a girl, but I thought the Barbie Runway show was adorable and beautiful, 50 designers celebrating the 50th year anniversary of the world’s most iconic lady.
Monday – Donna Karan
She always gets it right with her classic pieces.
Tuesday – Narciso Rodriguez
Ever since Michelle Obama wore his dress on the night of her husband’s victory speech, I’ve been lusting his designs (not to mention, I love his perfume!)
Wednesday – Nanette Lepore
Her retro sensibilities always excite me (that’s her design in the photo).
Thursday – Zac Posen
Hundreds of starlets can’t be wrong. It’s all about Zac today!
Friday – Project Runway
Now call me a geek, cause I’m giddy at the thought of this show! Of course, we won’t know the results till later this year. But just knowing it’s happening is exciting.



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9 thoughts on “It’s New York fashion week!”

  1. Veronica Lane

    I second the excitement for Nanette Lepore. Just check out that dress! I’m loving color, so sick of black. And that waist is gorgeous.

    I wonder how those people at the Project Runway show keep quiet for 6 months?! I know I couldn’t.

  2. Cori

    I know I’m sick of wear black too. That dress is amazing, I even like the one in the back. That is a really pretty color…..I wish I made more money….

  3. kate2004rock

    I read somewhere that they arent even sure of when the next season of Project Runway will air –if ever —they’re having some sort of rights dispute. Usually you’re about 2/3 of the way through the season when fashion week occurs so you only have to wait a couple weeks to find out who won.

    And I always love how fabulously girly Nanette Lepore is. And the Barbie show was a trip – I was only sad that you didn’t know who designed each look…besides the really obvious one like DVF and the wrap dress and luggage…

  4. stef

    Katie, you’re so right-I didn’t even think of that. There’s that whole mess with the show switching networks. I saw Christian was showing this week too, wonder how that went? Bet it was Fieeeeerce.

    I forgot to mention another good show happening this week-Jason Wu. He the maker of Michelle’s Inaugural ball gown. Can you imagine all that pressure and only 26 years old? Did anyone see the clothes? I thought they were really pretty. Especially this dress:
    He was rocking all the rich color too.

  5. tyna

    wow – that is one bright dress from Mr. Wu – but I totally love it, especially the black scroll-like stuff at the bottom and is that a necklace around the collar or part of the dress? I like the whole thing.

    And while I never will be sick of black, I am ready for some spring colors and fabrics!

    Oh and all I can say is they better show the new season of Project Runway – I’ve heard rumors it will never get on the the air which would totally suck.

  6. stef

    Oh my god, imagine how horrible that would be for the winner!
    I’m the winner of Project Runway!
    Oh, what season?
    Umm, the season they didn’t air…

  7. christy

    I got to go see the Anna Sui runway show a few years back with my friend who’s a stylist in NYC. It was beautiful. She’s one of my faves!

    Thats crazy about Project Runway?! Wonder if they will show it!!

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