Laura Mercier – Spring ’09 product reviews

As Da Vinci is to art. As Meryl Streep is to acting. As Jimi Hendrix is to the guitar. Laura Mercier is to makeup. All masters in their field. Anyone who has tried her products knows that this is no exaggeration, especially her face products. Her “flawless face” is unmatched by anyone in the industry. I won’t go into it too much because we plan to devote an upcoming post to it. But know this, if you are looking for ANY makeup for your skin (from tinted moisturizer to powder) you won’t get a finer product than hers. And don’t even get me started on her body products and fragrance…

But it’s her color that we are focusing on today. We were lucky enough to receive several items from a few of her new Spring collections. They are exactly what I have grown to expect from Laura Mercier makeup; classic, sophisticated and incredibly feminine. And like all of her products, the absolute highest quality.

From the limited edition First Blush collection there is the soft and romantic palette, which our lucky member Melissa won in our latest giveaway. I defy her to not look like a Spring day while wearing this! (On a side note, do you know how hard it was for me to not to keep this? Palettes really don’t get any prettier than this. And if there’s one thing I love, it’s a pretty palette. No one could ever say I don’t love and appreciate our members!) From the same collection, we received the mini brush set (no longer available on Sephora – check out the Travel Brush Set as an alternative), which we promptly gave to our favorite working woman, who I know first hand does her makeup at her desk. Now we know she will be doing it in style with this. Everything she could need in one adorable, pink, lady-like set.

We only received one item from the The Gilded Garden (also limited edition) but oh, what an item it was! I don’t know if I’ve seen anything as pretty as the Mosaic Shimmer Bloc in quite some time, a playful mixing of flower patterns in tones of wearable pink shimmer. This, like the First Blush palette, is about as Spring as you can get. This gorgeous compact can be used on the face or body and like all Mercier shimmers, gives a luminous glow without being neither too frosty or metallic.

Lastly, the Sateen Cream Eye Colours are six stunning shades that add luminous, pearl-like color to your lids. Pretty much everything you’re looking for in a creme shadow-long wearing, crease proof, water resistant and easy application. And breathtakingly buildable! Apply lightly for just a wash of color or layer for more dramatic eyes (either with more crème or with a powder). To me, these are perfection. And hooray-they are not LE so I can try them all!

Read on to see what each tester thought of these products. And explore the entire Laura Mercier line to see a master’s work!

Laura Mercier Spring collections



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13 thoughts on “Laura Mercier – Spring ’09 product reviews”

  1. irene

    First Blush Mini Brush Set is something that you will want- trust me! It’s a beaut!
    Over the years, I have fallen hard (in love) with many various products made by Laura Mercier. More importantly, I have a bona fide need for decent brushes- I’m embarrassed of the ones I have.. I think they are about 20 years old, and from Avon or Maybelline.. I think you get the very sad picture. Problem solved! Frankly, my problem was having them and using them. I forget how important they are! I have a bad habit of using my sausage-sized fingers to apply my eye color, lips and cheeks for far too long! I have grand news for you, I may now refrain from such primitive behavior and use my newly acquired (thank you WHT), Laura Mercier First Mini Brush Set. Perhaps Laura Mercier heard my silent cries in the night and she has made their first blush mini brush set for ME! Well, I doubt that, but let me tell this much, I am a NEW women; this set allows me to PROPERLY use so many amazing products I have now! I am so happy and smiling even bigger now! Sounds ridiculous, I know but this darling set makes me want to use them, its SO PRETTY! The gorgeous cosmetic bag is a real eye catcher. It’s the sweetest soft pink ever- promising to help you look your best this spring! The Mini Brush Set contains:
    • Cheek Color Brush – 4.5″/11.43 cm
    • Angled Eye Color Brush – 4.5″/11.43 cm
    • Pull-Apart Lip Color Brush – 4″/10.16 cm (Expanded – 6.75″/17.15 cm)
    Now all I want is the FIRST BLUSH FACE PALETTE!

  2. stef

    I chose the Satinée Crème Eye Colour in Cocoa Velour, the deepest shade of the set, a dark shimmering brown. I love creme eye shadows but for some reason have only ever purchased them in light colors and used them as an all over wash. They work like a primer, and are a quick way to get some color base on your eyes. I decided to branch out and go dark and I’m so glad I did. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shadow. I’ve been applying it with a small brush just on my lid, then going back in with a powder just to the outer corners to deepen it even more. It’s so pretty.

    Best of all about these, they really don’t crease. Every creme shadow claims this, Laura’s version is one of the ones that can back up the claim with proof.

    It’s true, everything I have tried from her is just such good quality. It’s a line I’ll buy over and over again.

  3. christy

    I am with Pamela, I have also fallen for Laura Mercier’s products! Her tinted moisturizer is top notch in my book. Many tinted moisturizes freak my sensitive skin out and I have had no problems at all with hers. With spf 20 it’s a surefire way to protect your skin and have it look velvety smooth all at once!

    But this isn’t a review of that I just had to share my love. I was lucky enough to test the Satinée Crème Eye Colour in Pink Chiffon. Now I am pretty much on the fair side so pinks can often go VERY pink on me, but this is just subtle enough to leave a hint. Of course if I add a few layers it gets pinker, which is a lovely smooth pink, not a bright one. As a base coat for a day, to day hint of color, this is dreamy. The no crease, polished look of it is dreamy. In fact I’ve worn it every day since I got it and it also seems to help keep my eyeliner in place woo hoo **BONUS =)!

    I gave an easy 5 stars to this and recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a cream shadow that will last all day, and stay flawless!
    At $22 this tube is sure to last a long time and be well worth the money. And as with all Laura Mercier products, I think she has skincare in mind first and foremost because there are no irritants in anything of hers I have tried, and there are few make up brands I can say that about.

  4. tyna

    Wow -I love the photograph and the make up on the model in the picture! Of course, she’s a model so she looks great, but I love how natural her look is. The make up enhances her beauty and is so subtle. That’s what I look for in make up. Yes, sometimes for big nights out I like bold make up, but in general a more subtle look works better on me. If you are the same way, check out this line. The colors are so flattering and subtle and seem to work on almost any complexion. Laura’s eye as an artist must be so helpful in choosing pulling color, because I have never seen an “off” shade by L Mercier.

    The Spring Palette is the perfect update for the season. Eye, lip and check colors that give a natural and fresh look to your face. Not a filler in the bunch either – all the colors in it are wearable!

  5. krista

    Don’t tell my husband, but Laura Mercier and I have been having a love affair for a few years now :) Okay, so confession time: I am a makeup whore. I don’t think I’ve met a product that I didn’t like. If you were to root through my stash, you’d probably find something from almost every brand out there. However, I have a couple of core brands that I go back to time and again and Laura Mercier is one of them. Her products are just made so well and give you a really beautiful, natural result that lesser brands just can’t duplicate. I know you’re probably thinking, eh, there’s no way a little powder is going to create that “glow” that you see in photos, because those women are models and looking like that is just completely unattainable. Ladies, the Gilded Garden Mosaic Shimmer Bloc delivers. The packaging is to die for–the classic, shimmery chocolate brown compact, which opens to reveal a luxe, shimmery powder that looks like it’s made of pressed flowers. I slapped on a little tinted moisturizer (you don’t want to look cakey, just very fresh) and then I lightly dusted this pale pink confection all over my face, shoulders, and chest (using my biggest and fluffiest brush and a light hand, so this stuff should last a while) and topped my look off with some cream blush, a rosy lip, and some cream shadow (I am now dying to try their Satinee cream shadows because the Metallic ones are my current favorite). The end result is a really fresh, “I just stepped out of a fairy tale and yes, I’m a princess” look. Oh, and it’s oil-free. How fabulous is that? It’s also newly available on —go now, my lovelies! This item is a limited edition and won’t be available for long!

  6. I agree with everyone above! LM is a fantastic line that is easy to use because of their consistency and color. I received the Satinee Creme Eye Colour in Ecru Silk. Well,its official i am in love! Goes on so easily and its a great light color. I don’t wear much makeup to begin with so just putting this on my lids and upper eye gives me a great even look. Sort of like a great primer but WAY better. I haven’t tried it blending it with other shadows yet, but i will for sure. I will for sure purchase this in other colors. Also, this is my first real creamy eyeshadow, i always had regular shadows. But with this i don’t have to worry about the shadow dusting around my eyes, where i don’t want it. Two major thumbs up!!!!

  7. So much love for Laura Mercier! Her primer and oil-free foundation, and tinted moisturizer are tremendous. My favorite “tightliner” eye liner is from LM in Marine Bleu paired with the angled eye liner brush. You are so right Pamela Irene, this line has great brushes!

    Has anyone here used LM’s Secret Finish?

  8. Krista Laura should hire you to market her products. I’m dying for that shimmer bloc after reading your review. I also use her tinted moisturizer and absolutely love it. It’s a tad pricey, but oh so worth it.

  9. suzan

    I received the Stainee Creme Eye Colour in Rum Satin. I’ve been a fan of Cream shadows for a few months but as the title shows this is the Creme of the crop. This color is so gorgeous. It makes my green eyes pop even though it’s brownish color the satin part of the title gives it the perfect sparkle. The texture of this product is what I enjoy the most. It feels so light and airy, other cream shadows tend to feel sticky, heavy and to moist. The product just glides on yet it does not glide off. I used this all day without a certain potion under it and had no issues with it disappearing into that strange eyeshadow oblivion. I think there is a place somewhere that eyeshadow and missing dryer socks hang out with eachother. Laura has made me change my drugstore ways at least for Creme shadow.

  10. I have not used Laura Mercier yet. I am not an expert on the subject. BUT one thing I know for sure….I sure could use some fresh color in my tired old collection. This stuff sounds fab and I may just zip out and get some tinted moisturizer right away. It all sounds wonderful. thanks for keeping us current and excited!

  11. krista

    Tiffany—you will LOVE the shimmer bloc. It’s so pretty in the compact and then when you put it on, it’s just, WOW. I was really surprised at how wearable it is. I think it’s a definite must have. Yes, it’s a little pricey (like most of LM’s products), but a little goes a long way, so the product will last a very long time and the result is soooo worth it.
    Susan—I agree, there is definitely a black hole where eye shadow and socks disappear to. Stupid black hole.

  12. irene

    I just want to report that I went to a dear friends baby shower yesterday at the Center Club in OC. – it was a fancy one.. Mommy-to-be came up with a cute idea to have all the ladies wear their favorite hat to the afternoon tea- how fun is that! I borrowed from another friend a few of her grandmothers hats. I picked this goofy hat that was an antique-really It looked like a lampshade to me with mother of pearl looking iridescent tassels hanging all over it, and white fake fur around the bottom edge of the hat.. I was running late because I had to rid my head of gray hair, and didn’t’ have time to put on my make up until I arrived. I left the house with only some of Laura Mercier’s primer and foundation on.. I swear I could’ve gotten away with not wearing much more of anything else- on my face that is! .. As it was, I got there on time and made a B-LINE to the ladies room toting my pretty pink makeup case with those AMAZING brushes to finish my makeup.. Yeah, it was just perfect! Makeup was applied without my sausage fingers and I even got compliments on the lampshade hat!

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