Thanks Santa! I got an iPhone

iPhone-AppsWoo-hoo, I’m one person recently gifted with the truly fantastic iPhone. Loving all things MAC (my iPod has been going strong for over 7 years), I’ve coveted one for a while, but I was never much of a cell phone user. It was only when I had the iPhone in my hands, did I realize how amazing it is. So simple, so clean, so efficient and with high quality video and a camera to boot (not to mention a built in iPod).

So, far I’ve been mesmerized by the features that come with the standard iPhone set up. Two weeks in and I have yet to download a single app, as I’ve been overwhelmed with the endless possibilities. So, I’m asking for help from my fellow iPhone fanatics!

Please, share with me all of your iPhone app knowledge – what do I need, what can I pass on, and what do I not even know that I want, that soon I can’t live without?

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10 thoughts on “Thanks Santa! I got an iPhone”

  1. mandaleem

    OOoohhh… I Love my iPhone! The best apps, in my opinion- Shazam, Pandora, Facebook, TuneWiki, UrbanSpoon, Epicurious, Translator, and Bubblewrap! I also use Trainer to track my runs by GPS but it’s not super accurate.

    Enjoy your new toy!

  2. I can attest to the fact that since Tyna has received her iphone, me and her have been communicating much better! both her and i aren’t what you would call “phone” people, but now that she’s texting we’re talking and making plans all the time! YEAH! in fact we’re going to the movies on friday!

  3. btw-i totally need to change my profile pic. Everytime i write a post on perfume or makeup then see my picture i start laughing especially when its about hair stuff! Oy Vey!

  4. Mel

    Tyna – congrats and welcome to the world of constant info at your fingertips and never being bored standing in a line again! That’s my favorite thing about my iphone – no lines at the post office, etc ever bother me anymore – it gives me a chance to catch up on facebook, read the news(whatever your favorite station is there’s an app!), check my email, play Price is Right, read Twilight on my Kindle app for the 27th time, and then find out where the closest Starbuck’s is when I leave (“Where” app)! There are so many apps, I can’t even begin to scratch the surface – but some of my favs (other than the ones I mentioned above) are:

    CardBank: stores bar codes of your frequent shopper cards to get them off your key chain or out of your wallet

    White Noise: from the sound of the ocean lapping to a rainstorm to put me (and my baby!) to sleep at night

    Big Oven: thousands of recipes

    Restaurants: nutritional info at restaurants

    Urban Spoon: to search for a restaurant

    TMZ: gossip!

    Red Laser: scans a barcode and searches for the best price around!

    Pediatric Symptom MD: extremely extensive library so I know when to call the doctor and when to just treat at home and how

    Shazam: I have never actually used this one, but have to mention since everyone talks about how cool this is – you can figure out what song is playing in the room you’re in and connect to itunes and order that song, apparently (I have it – I think it was free – but always forget I have it!).

    There are just so many and I can’t wait to learn about more too, so hopefully we’ll get some good responses here…but they do have a good search feature at the app store to just plug in whatever interests you – more than likely there’s an app for it! Enjoy =^)))

  5. lyssachelle

    Oh iPhone, how I love you…. Everyone has already mentioned my favorites (Shazam has won me MANY arguments in the car with my husband… I also used it when I was wedding planning to remember songs for our playlist!) but here are a few more:

    Sally’s Spa: Time management game, SO addicting. Try the lite version first.

    PTracker (or variations thereof) : I use PTracker Lite, but it tracks your period for you. It’s SO useful in doctor’s appointments, but you can also track symptoms and moods too! The more you know your body, the better.

    StillTasty: If you’re like me and forget what’s in yoru fridge, this helps you decide if you need to toss it or keep. It also has alerts you can set up so you don’t forget to get rid of that leftover Kung Pao chicken that got shoved in the back of your fridge…

    Whole Foods: One of MANY food apps, but I love me some Whole Foods stores and this one if chock full of healthy recipes!

    SaleDay: I’m bad at math, this helps me when I need to know if the 40% off on those shoes is worth it or not. (Yes, you can use a calculator, but what fun is that?!)

    Camera Genius: Helps make your iPhone’s camera more user friendly with a zoom, shake-delay, big button snap, etc…

  6. OK, I’m not an iPhone user but hubby is, and he sometimes shares with me the latest bonkers apps available (that is, he tells me about them but doesn’t actually pay for them himself, God forbid).

    Here’s a list of some really stupid ones, courtesy of a PC World article (which also has links to some really useful ones too). Think bowel movements and farts and you get the picture!

  7. shrimpsaladcircus

    I got one for my birthday last month, and I cannot possibly tell you how much I loooove it!!!

    My recommendation is not an app but rather a cover that absolutely NEED (if you drop your phone anywhere near as much as I do…). I recommend the Otterbox case for the phone. It has a clear screen cover, a hard shell, and then a silicone casing over the shell. It deflects impacts away from the phone and makes it easier to hold on to (and find in a massive purse!).

  8. tyna

    Thanks ladies for all of your suggestions! I’ve got a great starter list now! I love that there are apps to add a zoom to the camera – is there any way to get a flash? I would think not… Oh and my boss had two cool apps – one is a level (not that I have a need for it) he’s an interior designer so he uses it all the time – I just think it’s super cool! And the flashlight app sounds nice as well. Anyone have that?

    I’m taking some time this weekend to download and play with a bunch of these suggestions – oh and I can finally play with Mark on Call – hooray!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..we really heart this – the funniest posts of ‘09 =-.

  9. sherrishera

    The greatest thing about the iPhone (well, there are so many things to love) is the availability of so many apps. It’s literally like having software programs for everything you want or need, mostly free to less than five bucks each. It’s really easy to go crazy with app overload (especially the free ones), but why not? Don’t use it? Delete it; it wasn’t a huge investment.
    I have a bunch of favorite apps (starting with my Mark On Call home designer, of course, but you already knew that!) that have been incredibly useful or fun for me. I have some apps that I don’t use so much, but love them anyway. I’ll list them in no particular order:

    Stanza–This free app allows you to download read nearly limitless public domain titles…for free. This means all the classics are right there (I’m reading Alice In Wonderland right now). And, if you do want to read something more current, there are many titles to choose from for a small fee. Forget the Kindle, you got an iPhone.

    Snap Tell–So you see a book at a friend’s house (or anywhere)and you want to order a copy for yourself at the best price possible. Use Snap Tell to take a picture of the book’s cover and it will give you Amazon’s rating and competitors’ pricing. Buy it right there on your iPhone as your sitting on your friend’s couch sipping cocktails.

    Shazam–Who doesn’t have this? Never be stumped by a song on the radio again.

    Pandora–Create custom radio stations for free based on your favorite artists. It’s the radio station that only plays the stuff you want to hear (and you don’t have to own any of it!). I plug my iPhone into my car speakers, put Pandora on, and i’ve got a playlist that my iPod envies.

    Air Hocky–great sound effects, one or two player capabilities, and multitudes of skill levels. Fun.

    Skippy Lite–Remember the silly game of pegs or marbles where you had to jump and capture the pegs until there was only one left? This one provides several boards and will keep you sane when sitting in any waiting room.

    Runkeeper–a pedometer that uses GPS to track your location, lets you choose your activity type (hiking, cycling, walking, skiing, skating, etc), select a playlist from your iPod directly, and choose a workout type (if you want…20 minute, 2.25 mile, or 2 miles with rest).

    Taxi–uses GPS to find all taxi companies serving your area, then provides phone numbers for each (and whether or not they accept credit/debit cards). Just touch to call!

    Around Me–uses GPS to tell you everthing near to you in a multitude of categories. Need a hospital? It’s there. Need a Starbucks? It’s there. Need a movie? It’s there.

    CNN, Huffington Post, LA Times–They all have apps so you can keep informed at all times. CNN has the most comprehensive one of these, providing breaking news, live feed and video.

    MyLite–a simple app that turns your phone into a convenient flashlight to read menus in dark restaurants or whatever. Also has a strobe function and colored light options for fun. Oh, and it has a picture of a lighter if you happen to want to pull it out for an encore at your next concert event. This one has been invaluble.

    Bump–like business cards for iPhone users. Input your information, photo, company logo, etc. When you want to exchange info with another iPhone Bump user, just “bump” phones. Information is transferred immediately.

    BofA–I can check my accounts, transfer funds and pay bills from my phone.

    And finally…

    Facebook–though I had a FB account before the app, I never logged on very often. Now I am an obsessive FB user. Well, maybe not obsessive…I don’t think about it all the time, but it IS the first thing I check after my messages. On second thought, maybe you don’t want this one

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