we heart weekly – 2.19.11

The Decemberists bow at the alter of REM – Plus new Radiohead!


We’ve got a well documented love of all things beauty here at we heart this – and we’ve enjoyed watching (sometimes through cringed eyes) as the whole “cycle of fashion life” repeats 80s and 90s trends from make up collections to clothing trends. But the resurgence I’m most enjoying is the sound of alternative 80s and 90s rock being heard in the work of some great modern bands.

• For instance, if you’re a fan of jingly jangly early REM (and I am!) you’re going to love the latest release The King Is Dead from The Decemberists. Turning to a new country rock sound, track 2 entitled “Calamity Song” sounds as if it was created during the Murmer recording sessions. Our Photo of the Week is actually a lot of photos – a youtube video to my new favorite song. And yes, REM fans that’s Mr. Peter Buck himself playing that unmistakable jangly guitar (and he’s featured on two additional tracks).

• If that made you ready for some actual REM songs, check out the recent live performance from The Decemberists on (the best radio station on the air) KCRW, where they kicked their set off with an amazing cover of Cuyahoga.

• Coachella 2011 includes a set from Bowling Green natives Cage the Elephant; they apparently spent a lot of time growing up listening to alternative rock gods, The Pixies. See what I mean from this recent Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance:


• If you went to college in the 90s get ready to feel old. Did you know that in September it will be 20 years since the release of Nirvana’s game changing Nevermind! Not to mention, Sunday would be Kurt Cobain’s 44th birthday… In honor of the man, go give Unplugged (one of the best live recordings ever) another listen.

• Finally – surprise Radiohead fans! The best group (imo) to come out of the 90s has just released their 8th studio album – squee! You can download The King of Limbs here. Check out the first single and video (and Thom Yorke’s spastic limbs) Lotus Flower:

we heartsters – what’s playing on your stereo?

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8 thoughts on “we heart weekly – 2.19.11”

  1. stef

    Aberdeen is where Kurt Cobain was from, right? I didn’t hear the lyrics well enough, but is it some sort of grunge reference?

    Love the Radiohead video, but all I could think was “my god, @tyna must peeing her pants right now!”

  2. mandabear

    So i JUST got an iphone a week or so ago…and at work I have been listening to the 90’s Alternative/Grunge station on my Pandora app. It’s so much fun to listen to this stuff at work…like a blast from the past. I find it’s also made me less stressed at work. I feel like this post describes my week perfectly :)

  3. krista

    Wow-that Decemberists’ song really does sound like early REM–I swear, REM & pretty much anybody on the Lilith Fair billing were the soundtrack of my college years *sigh*.
    I have fairly eclectic tastes, but I lately have been enjoying music that is less about studio magic and more “hand-crafted”. I am really loving Mumford & Sons lately. I actually purchased their CD last Summer (I never buy CD’s anymore) and the whole dang thing is good and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. They’re playing Coachella this year, too. *wants to go soooo bad* Here are a couple of songs I really like of theirs–acoustic versions:

  4. kellie76

    Thanks for the blast from the past @tyna!

    I was a huge Nirvana fan! It is pretty weird to think that Justin Bieber was born the year that Kurt Cobain died. I am so old!!

    I am currently listening to Josh Ritter! Love him!!!

  5. irene

    Cool picks @tyna. Enjoyed them completely. I love all kinds of music- but since you asked. We listened to some really old but amazing stuff over the weekend. TALES OF MYSTERY AND IMAGINATION – EDGAR ALLAN POE-Alan Parsons Project. God they are so talented and we had the pleasure of listening to the remix to boot. Any poets out there would dig this.

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