DIY: Cut Fleece Poncho

Snuggle up with this How To – No sewing required!

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In November, it seems like the cold and snow flies in from out of nowhere and all you really want to do is cuddle up in a warm blanket instead of going out into the chilly weather. For this very reason, I was so glad when the poncho came back in fashion – so that I could brave the cold in a cozy layer that was still stylish.

Today’s DIY is a poncho that is so cozy that you’ll be dying to wear it all winter and when you only need to cut some fleece ~ why not make a different one for every outfit?

DIY: Cut Fleece Poncho

fleece fabric

Tip: I used about 1 1/3 yards – you want the fabric a little bigger than the finished size

1. Fold the fabric twice. Once vertically and a second time horizontally.

2. Cut around the corner where all four corners meet. Don’t worry if the edges aren’t perfectly cut or rounded.

3. Unfold and cut some fringes around all the edges. You can make the fringe as long and wide as you would like. Again, don’t worry about making it perfect – it’s fringe, right?

4. For a poncho (that will slip over your head): fold fabric in half and at the center of the folded side, cut a slit through both sides that’s wide enough for your head. For a wrap (this is what I did): fold fabric in half and starting at the fringed side, cut straight up one side to the folded center.

5. Throw the poncho over your shoulders and stay warm and cozy all winter!

we heartsters – do you have a cozy blanket that would make a cute poncho?

Mackenzie Gelina

Mackenzie Gelina

Mackenzie is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design as a textiles major. She dreams of one day owning a farm and possibly a small boutique. She loves DIYs, sewing, playing her guitar and drinking lots of tea.
Mackenzie Gelina

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11 thoughts on “DIY: Cut Fleece Poncho”

  1. sherrishera

    This rates high on the cool-o-meter for me! No sew sounds so easy to execute and that Navajo pattern is so on trend for the season. I”m thinking the “now” color, orange would be great, too. Great job!

  2. irene

    Thanks so much for sharing this! For some reason I have always worn ponchos, whither, in or out of so called style! They are so cool, I just love them.. Great post on how to do this too, @mgelina.

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