Gift Guide for the Anglophile

Gift Guide for the Anglophile

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Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Yeah…we haven’t either. But never fear. Our 2015 Gift Guide series will help you nail every single gift on your list.

If you know an Anglophile (someone fond of or who greatly admires England) or even a British expat (that’s a Brit living in the States), the items on this list will surely tickle their fancy. With nary a “Keep Calm…” print in sight!


Get Cracking (prices start around $8)
It’s not really Christmas without the Christmas Crackers. No, I’m not talking about the edible kind of crackers (although Jacob’s Cream Crackers are delicious). These are crackers for the Christmas dinner table, named for the ‘pop’ they make when you pull them apart. This British tradition always comes with a crown to wear (who wouldn’t love that?), a small toy or trinket and a joke. Both young and old love them!


A way to a Brit’s heart (prices vary)
Ah Chocolate, my one true love. The English know a thing or two (or even three) about making delicious chocolate. With so many British chocolatiers to choose from, Cadbury, Thornton’s, Quality Street, to name just a few, you can never go wrong with a box of chocolate. The biggest box you can possibly fill…


London Art ($18 for an 8×10)
Speaking of hearts, if you know someone who left theirs in London, this giclee print will proudly let everyone know just that.


British Bubbles (prices start around $5)
The Southsea Bathing Hut has a mission “to revive the Victorian soap making heritage of Portsmouth, UK” and your recipient will only be too happy to help carry on the tradition! This Sea of Honey bar is handcrafted with golden scented chamomile and rich pure honey. Not just the British love a good bath.


Tea, in necklace form! ($22.46)
The English take their tea very seriously. Sure, you could get them a big box of PG Tips, but isn’t wearable tea even sweeter? This fabulous teacup charm necklace is presented on a postcard print of C.S. Lewis’ famous tea lovers quote.

Cheerio, and happy shopping, my fellow Anglophiles!

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3 thoughts on “Gift Guide for the Anglophile”

  1. I happen to know a few Anglophiles – thanks for the inspiration! I always secretly hope someone will have crackers at a dinner party I go to…

  2. I really needed this list–I have a Brit expat on my list this year. That soap looks promising, as does the teacup necklace. I was also thinking about hand painting “bloody hell” on a china teacup as a gift, and how cute would the teacup necklace be paired with that?!

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