Happy 4th of July, we heartsters!

Happy 4th of July, we heartsters!

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row of flip flops

This fourth of July, before we settle down to hot dogs and Party Plamers, allow us to take a moment to wish you a happy summer. We hope it’s filled with friends, merriment and all the things you love! Maybe a dash of shenanigans to keep things interesting too…

And in case we haven’t told you lately, we heart YOU; each and every one of you who stop by our little spot on the internet.

With Love,
Stef and Tyna

4 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July, we heartsters!”

  1. I hope you had a safe 4th of July @stef ! My animals HATE the 4th due to all the excessive fireworks in the neighborhoods here. It is very stressful for everyone in the whole house.

  2. Hope your 4th was a relaxing and fun one!

    Lesson learned: I’m never traveling the day before a holiday ever again… just saying! Especially in LA! Good Gravy – it was ridiculous!

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