6 Ways to Add Pops of Color to Your Home

6 Ways to Add Pops of Color to Your Home

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I tend to turn to Nordstrom primarily when I need new clothes or the latest MAC release. But during their recent sale, I became obsessed with an overlooked department (at least by me): Home Decor.

Expect typical results that you get when shopping for clothes and makeup; page after page of options, affordable variety, free shipping.

In other words, welcome to your new decorating BFF!

To get you properly introduced, here are 6 options to help incorporate pops of color into your home.

A traditional rug in an unconventional color

What: It’s colorful, functional and the perfect way to accent a color-lacking space. Choose a grey, fuchsia or blue base, then pick small accessories in that same tone to scatter throughout the room.

Where to Buy: Nourison Passion Rug ($69-$329)

A candle that that keeps on giving

What: How beautiful is the print of this candle jar? But you’d expect nothing less from Lilly Pulitzer! A Palm Beach classic, her prints brighten any room. Once the bamboo scented candle is gone, keep the 10 oz jar as a catch-all for keys, change or whatever you accumulate.

Where to Buy: Lilly Pulitzer Jar Candle ($29.99)

Pillows that chase away the blues

What: Changing out your pillows is such a great way to freshen up your space. They are an inexpensive way to play with color. Plus, is there anything more inviting than a big ol’ pillow? These are 18″ inches square, and super fun with the addition of a pom pom border.

Where to Buy: LALA + BASH Elodie Pom Pillow($39.99)

One-stop art collection

What: Color doesn’t always have to be bright. This collection of 5 subtle pastel ocean images will bring dreamy color to any room.

Where to Buy: 5-piece Pastel Ocean Print Set ($99)

A teal turntable

What: Stick with me kids. Once upon a time there was something called records and it was how we got our music. And it was 100 times more satisfying than a download. Plus, the 12″ square sleeve was instant art! This teal turntable would be a record’s colorful companion.

Where to Buy: Crosley Radio Cruiser Deluxe Turntable ($70)

A bright deco patterned quilt

What: A desert staple that would work in any climate, Trina Turk does color WELL. This beautiful-hued quilt would work for any season and the deco-inspired pattern of overlapping fans will class up any joint.

Where to Buy: Trina Turk Palm Desert Quilt & Sham Set($99-$150)

Next time you need to add some color into your home, look no further than Nordstrom to assist! Oh, and grab a lipstick while you’re at it too, you deserve it.

we heartsters, what’s your favorite way to add pops of color to your home?

2 thoughts on “6 Ways to Add Pops of Color to Your Home”

  1. Five years ago, I never ever shopped at Nordstrom. Now, I think that’s my favorite place to shop–free shipping, free returns–buyers remorse is nonexistent when I shop from them!

    FYI–I bought that Crosley record player for my husband in a more neutral, cognac leatherette and the sound is really good for a portable record player! We bring it out for Christmas and play old holiday records we scored from Goodwill and it reminds us of Christmas when we were kids. If you are in the market for an affordable record player, you can’t beat one from Crosley :)

  2. I’m a fan of the third floor at my Nordstrom, that’s where all the home decor and gifts are waiting for me . It’s a great place to go and get that last minute house warming gift and know it will be just perfect! Color splashes and ideas are born!

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