A beloved movie goes green: Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles is an 80’s classic! And even though I wasn’t born in the 80’s, that doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed it few (hundred) times. I mean come on…John Cusack is in it…yes please. Anyway, that’s not why we’re here. I’ve been writing about environmental issues and how to live an eco-lifestyle for awhile and for my first wht post I wanted to spice things up a bit. So I’m going to add a little “green” to the characters and plot of Sixteen Candles, as if we were making the movie today!

Let’s start with Samantha
Funky and angry at the world…she’d make the perfect environmentalist. (I kid!) Her signature lipstick would be Josie Maran’s Cosmetics Argan oil lipstick in Luscious. Josie Maran’s cosmetic line contains no parabens, toxins or petrochemicals, they are fragrance-free and not tested on animals.

As for that rockin’ 80’s black eye-liner look, that would be brought to you buy Josie Maran as well.. When you buy her GOGO black eye liner, she will give one to a City of Hope cancer patient/survivor.

Samantha’s funky-style would be perfect for thrift store shopping. Vintage stores are a basic form of recycling and in my opinion, the best form of shopping. She would also purchase lots of eco-friendly recycled products. Her wood bracelet would be one of these Maple XO bangles made out of recycled skateboards….so cute. The clear plastic earrings would be replaced by these Coke Bottle Glass earrings made from a recycled glass Coca-Cola bottle.

And as far as those famous panties go, (the ones that Randy’s brother paid a dollar to see in the boy’s bathroom), check out these organic cotton underwear made with sustainable materials by PACT. 10% of the sale of each panty goes to support the work of a non-profit.

Next up, Mr. Jake Ryan..
Yea baby….and Jake’s cool ride would be the Electric Tesla Model S. Pretty dope right? Almost as pretty as Jake (sigh). Electric cars are becoming more and more widespread as an alternative to our oil dependant lifestyle. Jake’s dad’s car (the one that Ted rides off with Caroline in) would be an Electric Tesla Roadster. But, of course, the best alternative is to walk, bike or ride the bus full of geeks, freshman and Joan Cusack in a backbrace.

Now as for that party at Jake’s house, I’m going to have to object to the plethora of toilet paper in the trees in the front yard, but if it’s necessary to set the mood, then I’ll settle for 100% post-consumer recycled toilet paper from Seventh Generation. And the day after, Jake (or his house staff) could clean the entire house top to bottom with Mrs. Meyers Clean Day cleaners. And a big blue recycling bin in the kitchen for all those bottles & cans. Maybe we should add in some organic beer and wine for the party? Too much?

Wait – did we discuss Jake without posting a picture?
You’re welcome.

We can’t forget the leading man in this film…Farmer Ted aka The Geek
“Excuse me?”

Yea that’s right, chunk-a-hunk Ted. You know you were thinking it, I’m just saying it. Ok, maybe he’s not a hunk, but Ted no doubt made this film what it is. He’s a pretty simple guy with simple needs, so we’d set him up with some thrift store threads for his classic jeans and button down look. For that fabulous hair, he’d use Aubrey Organics Men’s Ginseng Hair Gel to get a classic geek perfection. And like he said…

“Fresh breath is a priority in my life”

As it should be…in this movie, his fresh breath would be brought to you by St. Clair’s Premium Organic Mints – they’re wheat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free. Check out the website to see what bad things AREN’T packed into to these bad boys.

Now I could go into how I could change the last scene of the movie and make the cake vegan or organic, but you know what…some things are just better left as is. BEST MOVIE ENDING KISS EVER!

we heartsters – I’m sure many of you know this movie scene by scene and line by line as well! What other ways can we green Sixteen Candles?

Monica Schrock

Monica Schrock

Monica is a vegetarian, bicycle-riding environmentalist, tattoo enthusiast and social media junkie. You can catch her drinking an iced coffee and reading a comic book at any given moment. She hearts our planet and gives tips on how to lower our environmental impact on her own site, Low Impact Betty.
Monica Schrock

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15 thoughts on “A beloved movie goes green: Sixteen Candles”

  1. jpal

    Monica! I love this post – Sixteen Candles is a classic and you have only made it better! How is it possible? More green…let’s see…what if Samantha’s jewelry was from 31Bits Designs…? Very eco!

  2. glamazon56

    What a great post!!!
    I am such a Sixteen Candles lover that I watch it each and everytime it comes on tv-with commercials or not!
    I love this post! I would replace Long Duck Dong’s grandpa mobile as well- that looks like a real gas guzzler!
    My obsession with Jake Ryan runs deep as well…I recently had to go to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and was thrilled to find out- it is Jake Ryan’s home town!

  3. lyssachelle

    How about replacing the beer at Jake’s party with a pale ale from Eel River Brewing company? It’s organic and the mill is powered by bio-material like woode chips, scrap lumber and even grass clippings!

    This is one of my favorite WHT posts! So fun…I hope there are more in the future? (Breakfast Club? TEEN WITCH?!?)

  4. mandaleem

    Awwww, what a cute “remake!” I love the green-ization of Samantha. Somehow, all these years later, she’s still my epitome of teenage angst and style. Love her!

  5. OMG i’m an ’90’s baby but I LOVE the ’80’s movies! Sixteen Candles is my No.1 and I’m IN LOVE with Jake as any other girl/woman in the world who has seen that movie. I’m pushing 16 soon and my goal is to track down Jake. Apparently, we’re living in the same state. He lives a little north though. I saw a pic of his daughter from a few years back and yes, she’s a beautiful as he is. I absoultly love this movie and everything about. I’m watching so many times I’ve lost count. Every year since I was thirtenen, I try to re-invent my look. Well, my 2012 look is ’80ish!!!:) I need some tips though.
    Thanks for writing this article!

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