Abeego - a Green Monday food storage solution!

Abeego – a Green Monday food storage solution!

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Saving the world one snack at a time…

photos: Tiffany Hicks for we heart this

Recently, I heard of something I never knew existed, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It’s basically a huge island of garbage floating in the northern Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii. How huge? It’s believed to be twice the size of my home state of Texas. Most of this garbage is, you guessed it, plastic.

Learning about this, I’m more determined than ever to eliminate as much plastic from my life as possible. I’ve already started avoiding plastic water bottles and stopped using plastic grocery bags, but as I look around my house I realize there is much more for me to do. Plastic is everywhere I look and is used on a daily basis in my home. For example, my kid’s lunches. I pack them almost daily and can’t tell you how many times I’ve grabbed a disposable plastic baggie for toting sandwiches and snacks.

Luckily for me, around the time of my new resolution to eliminate plastic, Abeego sent we heart this some of their plastic wrap alternatives to try out. Created from a hemp/cotton fabric infused with a combination of beeswax and plant extracts, these reusable plastic wrap alternatives are not only practical and plastic free, but are also good for you and the Earth.

And have you noticed the Abeego food wraps are sweet and stylish too? Available in three task specific shapes, all are accented with simple stitching available in your choice of four colors; red, green, blue or purple.

These natural, reusable, food packaging solutions all have a “fluid-resistant coating (that) keeps food fresh and easy to clean.” You’ll save on your heating bills too, as Abeego products should only be washed in COLD, soapy water to best ensure “the long life of this plastic free, durable product.”

The wht review team received all three of Abeego’s plastic wrap alternatives to test at home:

The Abeego Snack $13 (above: top image) was my favorite item and it is perfect for packing nuts, grapes, and all kinds of snack mixes. Holding ¾ cup of food, they use matching colored buttons and string for secure closure and lay flat when empty. These little bags are so convenient to throw in your tote for snacking emergencies. And kids think they are fun too! My daughter loves eating her goldfish crackers out of her purple snack bag.

The Abeego Flats $20 (above: second image) made for covering bowls, plates, or cups are a nice alternative to plastic wrap and are the solution for leftovers. They are sold in sets with a range of sizes – 6, 9, and 12 inch square – to fit all of your dishes. Just mold them to fit on any of your plates, bowls or cups instead of reaching for the costly and wasteful plastic wrap.

The Abeego Wrap $20 (right) is designed for a never ending necessity – packing sandwiches. This squared off wrap also handles raw veggies and snacks with ease. The wrap is the perfect alternative to sandwich bags and closes securely with the twist of a string around the colored button.

These cheery substitutes for plastic could be the perfect solution for your home. I’m loving the idea of getting a color coordinated set (or two) for each member of the family and ditching all of the grocery store, money wasting, land filling options for good.

WHT readers how are you dealing with plastic use in your home? Do you have a great alternative to disposable plastic? We’d love to hear about it!

Don’t forget to check the comments for the we heart this review team’s thoughts and experiences with Abeego’s green-minded, food storage solutions.

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23 thoughts on “Abeego – a Green Monday food storage solution!”

  1. I just LOVE the Abeego snack pack. It’s waaay cuter than a plastic bag. The material is so sturdy and easy to wipe clean – unlike fabric snack bags. This is truly a viable alternative to plastic baggies.

  2. I have something similar to the Abeego Wrap – I found it on Etsy ages ago. It’s an investment to get these kinds of things, but I think it’s worth it (it’s much cuter too)!

  3. I was lucky enough to try the wraps. Wow! I really do love them. Usually, I try to use containers with lids to store food. But I sometimes have to resort to plastic wrap. And I hate it! So finding out about Abeego was a real coup for my kitchen. It is healthier for you and the planet. It is very easy to clean. It was a little awkward at first for me. But I did get used to it. And I must admit that I normally have trouble wrapping food or presents. So this really no reflection on the product. Yes, it seems expensive at first glance. But it truly is not when you consider the amount of reuse you get out of it and the long term health and environmental benefits. I highly recommend this clever product. And I am totally psyched to try the snack packs. How sweet are those!!??

  4. I gladly reviewed the wrap, as a sandwich is usually what accompanies me to work everyday. And I really hate using baggies. Up till now, I did. But washing them to use again is a pain; turning them inside out, propping them on utensils to dry (which they never fully do) and then having a messy drawer of loose baggies.

    The wrap is everything I’m looking for! Cute (who knew food storage could be cute?) reusable, easy to clean, easy to fold, fun to unwrap! It makes me feel like I’m opening a present every day at noon.

    It’s worth noting they have an interesting smell, I think it’s the wax that coats it. But I kind of like it, and it doesn’t transfer to the food.

    I think this is a really worthy investment. And every bit counts when you’re trying to be more green. Love these!
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..How to: Go Organic – The Dirty Dozen Cheat Sheet =-.

  5. I was supposed to test the snack wrap, but I am ashamed to admit that I get the Biggest Loser (and not in a good way) Tester Award this time!! And, it has to do I suppose with that smell Stef mentioned…or so noticed my dog!! So instead of hiding my head in shame and hoping no one would notice I never left my comment on here, I’m letting you all know with this to learn from my mistake – never leave these out where your dogs can get to them!! I guess it must be the beeswax in the product (?), but the day my WHT box of goodies arrived I left it sitting out on the couch when we went out to dinner – never thinking for a second my 5 year old dog would mess with anything – he just doesn’t do that (anymore!). Well, was I ever wrong – I came home to a totally munched and crunched Abeego – it’s not completely destroyed – that material is quite strong – but what I consider unusable because he tore into it enough where it’d be too hard to fold perfectly, and there’s enough teeth marks in it that I’d constantly be thinking of dog drool forever whenever I reached for a snack, if I still tried to wash and use it. Plus, since you can’t wash them in hot water I just decided I’d better use this oppportunity just as a lesson learned and see everyone else’s reviews before I decided to order a replacement for myself! It must be a very strong attraction for a dog too, because over the last month or so I’ve had this in my closet and whenever he can get in there, he goes right for the bag and nothing else – so beware pet owners!! It sure has a nice strong feel though to it – I so wish I would’ve been able to use it for any and every snack. And, that’s a gorgeous picture up top, Tiff!

  6. I tried the Abeego Flats and they are awesome! I’m always cook way more than necessary and have leftovers. These hand flats go right over your plate or bowl. There is even a smaller one to top jars, which came in handy when I accidentally tossed a lid recently. I was able to keep my strawberry jam nice and fresh with the Abeego flat lid!
    They wash really easily, and seem to withstand a good amount of wear and tear.
    The smell is a bit odd, but its not a bad smell, and as @Stef said it doesn’t transfer to the food!
    These are a totally green, and highly useful kitchen addition.
    Five stars from me!

  7. Great post about Abeego, Tiffany. What an awesome product and I’m so glad to hear about how we all can make a difference- even the small things we do! It really does matter in the end.
    I never heard of this company before wht received some to test out. Stef was so excited to show me how easy and well this wrapped her sandwich that she’d tote to work. I loved it from the start. I have many plastic containers that have lids and get very frustrated with them for the obvious reasons. They don’t fit or have been through the war and or lost in the abyss in depths of my cabinets. I have the 3 sizes and they fit well on various bowls, cups and plates. In an instant they are covered and in the fridge for safekeeping. I love how easy they are to clean too. A little bit of warm soapy water and they are clean and ready for the next dish to cover! I wish there were more products that would take Abeego’s lead.. There was a time America used resources like hemp/cotton for a gazillion things. I’m also glad to see the use beeswax and plant extracts in this. I’m sure this will last a very long time by the way it’s made. I gladly give this product 4 stars.

  8. I love all my Abeego products and have been using them constantly. As you can see above, my daughter loves packing her favorite snacks in the Abeego snack. I’ve been reaching for the flats as often as I can and have noticed I rarely need my saran wrap anymore. @Stef I do agree that a sandwich looks much more stylish packed in the wrap. You should have heard my daughter’s teacher gush about it when I sent it with her to school.

    These are also easy to clean and store. They take up hardly any room at all in my drawer. Best of all, they all lay flat for easy storing.

    5 stars from me!

  9. I tried the Wrap and I loved it! I was nervous about leakage, but it closed up just fine. And HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! My favorite part was the tiny little bead attached to the string, so pretty. I think I need to get me some of those Flats, I’m forever losing lids to containers and I feel so guilty about using Press ‘n Seal…
    5 stars from me!

  10. @tiffany, I too was horrified when I first heard about the garbage island!! If that doesn’t scare and enrage someone into working harder to reduce waste, I don’t know what will.

    Abeego is such a great solution for people like me who bring lunch to work every day! I love my Abeego wrap! It’s like a super cute manila envelope for food!

    And I really like the beeswax smell of this item. It is quite noticeable but as others have pointed out it doesn’t transfer to food.

    I’m eyeing those Flats…I’m pretty much an idiot when it comes to operating plastic wrap (I either pull out too much, or too little, or can’t get it to tear from the box so it gets balled up and then it rips and then I have to start all over…ugh) so this seems like a good item for me to have around.

    5 stars!

  11. The snack bags and wraps look impossibly cute and I would definitely like to give those a try; however, I received the flats for review.
    The product is a little stiff to use as a cover, and while it does mold to a bowl or container, it’s not exactly airtight. I used this to cover a bowl of homemade marinara and had an unfortunate refrigerator accident when the bowl tipped. Also, since air finds its way inside,I found this most useful to cover items meant for quick use.
    All it all, Abeego flats are a nice product, but not one that can totally replace plastic wrap or a well-fit lid.
    BTW, I’m with Christy and think that photo is the cutest evah!

  12. Like Tiffany, I’ve really been trying to cut down on producing waste, especially plastics – but they were just some things I couldn’t find a good alternative for – like saran wrap. Until Abeego that is! While I wanted to get my hands on one of the cute little button and sting closing sacks, I was more intrigued by a plastic wrap substitute.

    While they do not replace plastic wrap entirely, I was pretty impressed with the flats. Arriving in three sizes, you can cover any of your dinnerware, from cups to a standard large plate, plus small baking dishes and cookware. The beeswax coating gives a slight tackiness to the cloth and probably accounts for the faint scent. I didn’t have any issues with it affecting the taste of my leftovers. On to the seal, while the flats may not be completely airtight, they do adhere nicely to ceramic plates and glass. I wouldn’t hold anything upside down like in certain commercials (or place heavy things on top of my Abeego topped dishes in the fridge) but they do a fine job in keeping food fresh. And I think they tend to keep some foods drier (especially anything with bread), then wrapping in plastic or aluminum. Maybe the cloth absorbs more moisture?

    I hope Abeego introduces even larger sheets of flats someday. Sometimes you just need a number of big sheets of wrap, so I still have a roll or two on hand. But these are a nice to use for the daily after dinner question:

    “Hmm, what do I do with this serving or two of leftovers?”

    “Cover it with a flat and eat it tomorrow!”

    Oh and the beeswax coat mimics plastic in that everything just slides off of it. Washing in cold, soapy water sounded strange to me at first, but after a careful wash and rinse I was more than satisfied with the cleanliness of the wraps for reuse.
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..How to: Go Organic – The Dirty Dozen Cheat Sheet =-.

  13. Thanks girls. My daughter was pretty proud of how her nails looked in that picture. We had just painted them rainbow with flowers :) That’s my girl!

  14. This is such a fantastic idea! I have a reusable snack back from Etsy that velcros shut, and it’s great for certain things. However, I do like the idea of something that’s not absorbent cloth for holding certain items. It seems much cleaner.

  15. These sound amazing! I’m getting sick of washing out my baggies because like @Stef said, they never dry in time and my drawer is forever messy. I think I’ll be looking into these little gems.

    @tiffany I had no idea the garbage island was bigger than Texas! That is just horrible and gross. All the more reason to get this product.

  16. I had the Abeego snack pack. I was a little hesitant at first to fill it up, because I was afraid it would fall apart but I was proven wrong. It was very helpful since I bring my lunch to work and I’m on a diet (i.e. carrots and celery sticks as snacks). It also helps with portion control when it comes to things like popcorn and almonds. It is very adorable. Actually, I’m going to go as far as to say it is “eco adorable!” Also saves money on plastic wraps, foils, and the such.

  17. I love this idea! I think i would lean more toward the snack cup and the sandwich bag just because i really like to have things tightly covered in my fridge. but i think this is a fantastic idea and any possible way to cut down on garbage especially plastic is good in my book! i heard about the garbage island on the news awhile back. its huge. they did a satelite kind of picture of it and its disgusting and huge! there’s another one that floats on top of the water as well that huge! yuck people can be so gross! Adam’s plastic dogpoo[ bags are probably out there too!

  18. I tried the Abeego Wrap also and it works pretty good. I wrapped a PBJ for the next day and it kept it well protected, was fun to unwrap, and oh so cute! My only problem with it is the washing…the science teacher in me is slightly nervous of bacteria build up since you can’t wash it in hot water etc. I will say though, after running some suds and cold water on it, the Abeego felt pretty clean. For small snacks like crackers and such, I think it’s a great way to cut back on all the plastic!

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