Attn Fashion Plates: we’re looking for a new writer!

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After more than three years online at we heart this, the question Stef and I still hear most frequently is “How can I become a member of the we heart this review team?” Well listen up Fashionistas, the we heart this review team wants you!

We’re looking for a fashion writer to join our team and share in the perks. And by ‘perks’ I mean beauty products! Approximately every six to eight weeks our team receives a box of goodies filled with the latest and greatest in bath, body and makeup to put to test.

(Seriously, just look at Stef’s vanity. And that’s just the items on display!)

Need another reason? If you have your own fashion blog this is a great opportunity to promote your site while being active on wht. Your bio and image will be added to our review team page and your monthly column will include a credit and blurb with links to the blog or site you wish to promote.

We’re thrilled to say our site is growing more popular every day (thanks chicks!) and we’re currently ranked in the top 30,000 sites in the United States (Source: Alexa). Plus your column will be promoted across the social blogosphere including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

We’re looking for a new writer with a passion for fashion and serious shopping skills to share their wisdom with our readers. In exchange for fabulous boxes full of products sure to make you squeal, we ask for two tiny things from you:

  • Author one or two posts per month for the wht site (we’ll discuss if you’re chosen).
  • Leave a comment to review and rate every product you receive.

Sound good? Here’s how you apply:

1. Email us with the subject: wht Fashion Writer Application.
2. In a few sentences, let us know about your fashion style and what you think you can add to the wht team.
3. Include an approximately 100-200 word fashion post (we will not publish any application) or a link to your favorite post you’ve penned, so we can get an idea of your writing style.

Other things to let us know in the email:
• If you have a blog (or contribute to one) please include the name and URL.
• If you live in Los Angeles or New York City and would be willing to attend fashion events as a representative of wht, please let us know.
• Share any specialty you think will help your posts (like photoshop skills or if you’re a fashion student) and special credit for the following:
– Are you a Polyvore user? Let us know and feel free to supplement your story with a link to a Polyvore collage.
-If you can take a good photograph (meaning bright and in focus), include one example of your work.

We’ll be accepting entries through Wednesday, May 16th. We’ll email you if you are added to the team and you can expect a review box soon after that!

Any questions? Ask away in the comments!


  • tyna

    Tyna is a former editor of we heart this that worries about becoming a crazy cat lady, reads at least a book a week, checks in at a Flyers fan forum every morning and is forever organizing her closets and drawers. skin tone: NW 20/25 skin type: combination favorite beauty product: eye shadows and lip balms


  1. OMG…I totally loved Fashion Plates! How fun!! And how great that we are getting a new member of the team. A second fashion corespondent will be awesome.

  2. I loved my fashion plates– in fact I told my Mom, I need more plates because I needed more variety. I love to read about fashion and get ideas on how to put my clothes together. I look forward to reading more from our new fashion correspondent. Good Luck!

  3. I totally had the Barbie version of Fashion Plates! I kind of wish I hadn’t given them away :(

    I just want to say that I love being part of the we heart this review team, and strongly encourage people to apply! It’s so fun, I love the gals who write for the blog, and we get soooo many goodies too. :)

  4. Oh that Fashion Plate picture brings back such great memories!! That had to be one of my all time favorite things as a kid. Good luck to the applicants and the judges – very excited for the new posts!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes @Melinda – I didn’t have Fashion Plates, I just coveted a friends!

  5. I had the Bridal fashion plates… and I agree with @hao9703 … you literally had a finite number of combinations. It was quite limiting. And now, thinking back, bridal was very limiting, because everything had to be white.

    1. Hoarding is my middle name!

  6. Hi! I noticed that the post says that the deadline to apply is Wednesday May 18th. However Wednesday is May 16th and the 18th of May is Friday. Which date should we apply by?

    1. Hi Crystal, good catch and bad us! We must have been looking at our April calendar. The deadline to apply is Weds. May 16.
      Thanks for pointing that out.

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