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Lives in the middle of nowhere with her amazing hubby and two codependent dogs that love to hate each other. She enjoys dance parties of one and last minute road trips, prays for Angela Lansbury's immortality and can never own enough blush. She averages one "Silence of the Lambs" quote a week and feels no shame over this. Perhaps she should. skin tone: NW15 skin type: sensitive/oily favorite beauty product: Blush, lots and lots of blush


Julie Hewett Los Angeles – review

Julie Hewett is an artist, but you won’t see her work hanging in a museum. You will, however, see it on movie screens with the faces of many of today’s leading ladies as her canvas. I remember first hearing of Julie Hewett back in 2001 when a little movie called Pearl Harbor came out. I …

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Badass Ecstasy Luxury Shampoo – review

I am a badass. Okay, maybe not for real, but in my own, vivid imagination, I can pretend. Thanks to Badass Hair, you, too, can channel your inner badass. Debuting in late 2008, Badass Hair is the brainchild of celebrity stylist Scott Fontana. Born into a family of hair stylists, Fontana has been in the …

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Little Tea Cakes recipe

I enjoy cooking, but I love baking. I’m not quite sure where I get it from because I come from a mother who believed cut-and-bake tubed dough was homemade. Her mother wasn’t much into baking, either. She was more of a “Flowers in the Attic” grandmother than a milk and cookies grandma. I mean, she …

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Childhood Themed makeup

I know I’m not alone when I admit that I am drawn to products that remind me of my childhood. It can be something as simple as a smell and I’m transported back to a simpler time when my greatest responsibility was making my bed and my greatest challenge was coloring in the lines (still …

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