B. Kamins Lactic and Glycolic Peels

B. Kamins Lactic and Glycolic Peels

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When Ilissa from B. Kamins said she was sending us their acne line for review, I was happy. But when she added that she’d like to send us their range of peels as well, I was ecstatic. I LOVE Peels! Give me a hard working product, one that you can actually feel working on your face and I am one happy girl. The tingle, the results, I’m in product heaven! But typically, Peels are not for the faint of heart (or the thin skinned). Luckily, the genius folks at B. Kamins have developed a line of peels with varying ingredients and strengths to satisfy everyone (all with their signature Bio-Maple compound).

New to the line up are Lactic Peels available in both 8% and 10% strength. These are for people who still want the quick and visible results of a peel, but have more sensitive skin. Lactic acid, also known as milk acid, is the most gentle of AHAs and also has moisturizing attributes. So as it exfoliates, it also hydrates. They combine that with salicylic acid, which is known for it’s anti-bacterial properties, along with anti-inflammatory Vitamin B5 to help soothe and calm skin. Results to look for? “Cell renewal, a smoother, brighter skin tone and help in controlling the appearance of unwanted sebum, to leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.”

For those whose skin can handle a bit more action, there is the Glycolic Peels in 3 different strengths; 6%icon, 8%icon and 10%icon. I went straight for the 10%. (Make sure to read the comments for my thoughts. Here’s a hint, yay!) Glycolic acid is like lactic’s bigger, tougher sister. Derived from sugar or fruits, it’s stronger so it’s perfect for acne-prone, sun and environmentally damaged skin. And it also works faster, offering all the amazing results of the lactic peels, but with a quicker time frame. These peels are “an essential treatment to help diminish fine lines, wrinkles and signs of premature aging.”

Be sure to explore the whole B. Kaminsicon line. These products are just the beginning of what this amazing company can do for your skin.

8 thoughts on “B. Kamins Lactic and Glycolic Peels”

  1. I too love many things from Canada, B Kamins being one of them! Who is not attracted in cell renewal? I also love the amazing Canadian band, “Rush” that are still as relevant today as they were 30+ years ago. Check out their latest album, Snakes and Arrows. LOVE IT! I have to stop digressing!

    I was so pleased to try out the Kamins Lactic- 10 solution with the Bio-Maple compound found in this product. I quickly became curious about it’s ingredients, because, It made good sense to me that in the harshest environments, the Maple tree still survives.. Evidently, while on a fishing trip in Northern Canada he (Mr. Kamins) noticed that the Maple trees surrounding the lakes, were the only plant life to survive the brutal weather.. The origin began and this is where Mr. Kamins found his inspiration for the skincare line. This product is especially rich in polysaccharides, antioxidants, minerals and is like no other. It’s great for your face and neck- stay away from your eyes! I wish more companies had this as their base for skin products. My skin is aging. I’m forty-five and a half! HA! This is so ideal for me. It has a wonderful exfoliating and hydrating daily peel that also combines the effective lactic acid and salicylic acid. It also has an anti-inflammatory vitamin B5 to soothe and calm skin, and it has zinc to work on keeping unwanted sebum at bay! My skin feels fresh and clean and looks pretty darn youthful for my age. This also helped by treating some of those fine lines around my mouth and nose. Yep, I like this stuff! I give it five stars without hesitation!

  2. My skin is pretty tough, so I chose the Glygolic 10%. Straight in with the big guns even though the suggest if you have blonde hair and blue eyes, you may want to start with 6%. But I have used peels before so I figured I’d be ok.

    I can imagine, if you haven’t, you probably will want to start out lower. Cause, whew! This tingles, REALLY tingles. But as B Kamins says, with continued use it doesn’t tingle so much. I’m not sure if you just get used to it, to the product self adjusts. Hmm?

    It’s got a great applicator, a little sponge like tip that you just dab where you want to apply. I was really tempted to use under my eyes. But I resisted and used it just on my crow’s feet (cac-ca!)

    I actually think it made my skin a bit dry. But I think it’s because it’s so strong, as it exfoliated the yuck, the skin was maybe a bit tired from all the work it was doing? I know this isn’t the most scientific of reviews!

    But here’s the bottom line. My wrinkles were diminished. I used it at night, then used a rich eye cream in the am to help with the dryness and my crow’s feet now look like canary feet!

    I think for future purchases (and I will buy this again) I will go slightly lower with the percentage. I’m one of those women who thinks my skin actually needs more helps than it actually does (though that may be ALL women). But I’m very pleased with the results.

  3. I’m also a big fan of peels like Stef. I was so excited when I received this. I got to try the Glycolic-8. It did tingle the first couple of days I applied it, but then I could hardly tell I was applying it after that. I think 8 was the perfect level for me…it gave me just the right amount of peel and didn’t irritate or dry out my skin. I love the sponge tip applicator…a huge plus for me. It takes no time at all to apply. It left me with super soft healthy looking skin. I saw some hard to get rid of acne spots fade much quicker than in the past. I give this 5 stars and would definitely buy it again.

  4. I admit I was a bit scared to try these as I can have adverse reactions to peels, (resulting in red, blotchy, itchy skin) but Stef assured me that the B. Kamins Latcic peels were perfect for my skin type and (as always) she knows her stuff!

    I’ve been testing the B. Kamins Lactic-8 and love the results! It totally exfoliates my face as I sleep; leaving me with skin that is looking clearing and brighter as the days go by. But (and this is important) I have yet to wake up to dry patches or splotches! Or felt itchy as the day goes on. Best of all, I’ve been using this in bigger doses on some old acne scars (no bumps or anything, just a small red spot where the pimple once lived) and I am seeing a fading of that redness – Hooray!

    I also need to note that I love how it is packaged and used. The bottle is topped with a roller ball (like a mini roll on deodorant) for easy, hand-free application. Smart! I always put on my serum right before I fall asleep, when I’m actually already in bed. I keep my B. Kamins on my nightstand so I won’t forget. I love that I don’t have to get out of bed to wash my hands or fall asleep with peel on them. Five stars for Lactic-8, especially for those with sensitive skin!

  5. Wow good for sensitive skin too! I am always afraid of peels with my fair skin, I may have to try this! I think I’d start with the 6%, it sounds well worth it!!

  6. Chrsity, you def. want the lactic 8, that’s the most gentle of the bunch.

    From gentle to super duper, it goes Lactic 8, 10, then Glycolic 6, 8, 10.

  7. My nutrition specialist suggested I use the Made from Earth Grapefruit Glycolic Scrub 2-3 times per week in order to deep clean my pores. You would think that since it’s glycolic acid, it would be pretty harsh on the skin but it’s not drying or irritating at all for my sensitive skin. After use my skin looks brighter and feels cleaner.

    I also love the smell of it. The smell puts me in the mind of a spa so, I feel like I’m at a salon or something when I’m using this lol.

    A little bit goes a long way and the bottle will last you forever!!

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