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Get a jump on Spring with this colorful Limited Edition launch!

photos: we heart this

Is it spring yet? Clearly not judging by the wind and cold; clearly yes judging by the brightness of the new bareMinerals READY Remix limited edition collection on my vanity. This exuberant collection is all about contradictions: fire and ice, youth and aging, skin care and skin wear – and I’m totally hot for the whole kit and caboodle.

The nod to high-energy dance club music along with the classic beauty reputation of Bare Escentuals has me blaring my Mirror Ball Grease remix for inspiration: old songs, new energy – all spliced together in good fun.

This collection is full of vibrant shades and a few staples wrapped in fun bright blue limited edition packaging. Nothing showcases the bold and the bright more than the READY Eyeshadow 4.0 quads ($30 each), available in cool-toned The Wild Thing and warmer-toned The Next Big Thing.

The Wild Thing, The Next Big Thing

The bold “high fidelity” colors in luxe formulas and bold combinations have me dancing like it’s 1999. Like with all the READY eyeshadows, these are buttery soft and blendable with a powder-to-crème feel. The pigmentation is intense and true to what you see in the palette.

The Wild Thing is a seafaring collection with colors ranging from sea foam (Sensational) to chartreuse (Icon), earth (Elitist) to ocean blue (Controversy).

The Wild Thing: Sensational, Icon, Elitist, Controversy

I tested The Next Big Thing, a surprisingly wearable collection consisting of a pale yellow highlighting shimmer (Rising Star), a deep, true matte peach (Smash Hit), a fiery bronze (Hoopla), and a smoky matte plum (Ensemble).

The Next Big Thing: Rising Star, Smash Hit, Hoopla, Ensemble

I found this quad incredibly versatile for a natural day look (Smash Hit blended with a little Hoopla) or a nighttime smoky eye (I used all four – Smash Hit on the lid, Ensemble for the crease and lining underneath, Rising Star at the brow and Hoopla lining the inner top of the lid for pop). Of course the combinations are limitless and this palette will make your creative juices flow.

The Loud & Clear Lip Sheers ($15) are lovely tinted balms, emphasis on the balm. While the colors – Amped Pink, Tangerine Trance and Berry Remix – appear bright and vibrant in the tube, there is only a nod to that color on the lips.

Tangerine Trance, Amped Pink, Berry Remix

Tangerine Trance, Amped Pink, Berry Remix

These are sheer gels loaded with shea butter and jojoba seed oil for maximum lip nourishment. I tried the Berry Remix, the scent vaguely reminding me of orange blossoms (which I adore) and Julie Hewett’s well-loved Camellia balm. I did find myself reapplying Loud & Clear constantly as my dry lips soaked it up like a Bounty paper towel.

The READY blush in The Natural High – REMIX edition ($22) is one of those perfect colors that you find maybe twice in lifetime. For this reason I will beg right here that The Natural High become part of READY’s permanent collection.

READY blush in The Natural High

Similar to NARS’ famous Orgasm Blush, A Natural High is a warm peach with plenty of gold shimmer that goes on delightfully soft and sheer. This is one blush, however, that will nourish the skin as well as enhance it. As with all of the READY collection, cold-pressed sea minerals deliver antioxidants to the skin making it softer, smoother and younger looking from the inside out.

Flawless Definition Mascara in Black and Aqua Blast

The Flawless Definition Mascara REMIX ($18) formula is so light and soft that you may not even feel that you’re wearing mascara. This is for a natural, not dramatic, lash. The fine comb separates and coats lashes perfectly.

The formula is made to condition and revitalize lashes and it does – my uncoated lashes look and feel better than ever. I tested it in classic Black, but if your lashes scream for more attention, Flawless Definition Mascara is also available in Aqua Blast.

Perhaps my favorite single item in the REMIX collection is the Bronzing Mineral Veil finishing powder with Broad Spectrum SPF 25 ($20). My winter pale skin is instantly brought back to the land of the living with this translucent finishing powder with the slightest bit of bronze tint.

I have always used Mineral Veil to airbrush away largish pores and to keep oil at bay, but this Mineral Veil steps it up a notch (as any Remix should). Be forewarned: this is not a full-on bronzer; this is more of an all-over color enhancer – barely there but better than before. Unlike full-on bronzers this is mistake-proof, never muddy, and will not streak. If you’re afraid of bronzers or are positive you’re too pale for bronzer, give this one a try. All that and it still does that classic Mineral Veil-thing of softening lines, blurring pores and keeping the skin shine-free. Oh yes, I’m giving bonus points for the big SPF!

The Remix collection also includes the Secret Radiance All-Over Face Color ($19) which is designed as a “year-round complexion booster” and promises to add a glow to your skin with it’s sheer highlighting formula.

Bronzing Mineral Veil, Secret Radiance All-Over Face Color

a closer look at the Secret Radiance All-Over Face Color

If winter is making you go stir crazy for spring, put on those dancing shoes and amp things up a bit with the READY to wear REMIX collection. I can’t wait to hear the feedback!

we heartsters – are you ready to rock some Spring-like colors?

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    1. Oh Emi, it’s so, so GOOD. Like butter!

  1. The Natural High blush really does look perfect! This collection is too cute. Love the watery blue packaging…Very different from what’s out there right now. I love those lip balms but for the sheerness I would maybe ask for some added SPF to add some more benefits. Great review @sherrishera!

  2. LOVE the Rising star shimmer eyeshadow, that blush looks fantastic, & the aqua mascara looks so fun!

  3. Great review, @sherrishera — I really want to try Bronzing Mineral Veil now, and the Lip Sheers sound amazing! Orange blossoms? I’m there!

    I tested Secret Radiance All-Over Face Color, my first foray into bareMinerals’ face color. Described as a “golden candlelit sheen,” Secret Radiance is designed to make the skin appear dewy and illuminated (“lit from within” is how BM puts it). The color is a sparkly, frosty gold– just like the swatch in the photo. I admit there was a learning curve for me; I used too much at first and looked ridiculously shiny, but with a lighter touch, the color was pretty. While too frosted to work on me as an “all-over” product, I liked it for highlighting. And I love the packaging; the way the jar can close for travel is so much nicer than the little stickers I usually keep on mineral products.

    In general, this collection really does look like Spring to me!

    1. Yeah, the way those shaker jars close is GENIUS!

  4. Nice collection! I am looking forward to trying the mascara. I enjoy a more natural lash during the day. The blush also looks very pretty and subtle. The berry remix lip sheer looks awesome. I will be picking this one up asap! Overall, this is a lovely, natural looking collection.

  5. OK, so it is winter here in the Pacific Northwest and I am looking at rain for the next couple months. I could use a complexion booster to prevent me from looking and SECRET RADIANCE looks like it could be just the pick me up my skin needs.

  6. Oh man, I think I need EVERYTHING in this collection! It’s perfect! Are the lip sheers moisturizing like a balm? The lack of pigmentation makes me hesitate because I have rather pigmented lips to begin with, but if it’s really moisturizing I think I’d still go for it.

    1. I only swatched them but they did feel very balm to me. Way more balm than gloss.

    2. Definitely a balm…but much better than the everyday stuff. My lips drink it like water. It’s not super shiny so that you’d substitute for a gloss, and it’s not super colorful that you’d wear like a lipstick. You would wear this whenever you’d wear balm and you would expect a hint of color, slight shine, great scent and very well conditioned lips.

  7. This collection really slayed me. As the chief photographer and swatcher around here, there are some collections that show up that do very little for me, some that a product or 2 grab me, and SOME, like Remix, where I just want every damn product. If I could review in my sleep @sherrishera would have never even seen this!

    But The Wild Thing palette was my absolute must have. The formula on these shadows just never gets old. Buttery smooth, they apply almost like a cream. And the pigment is just phenom.

    And as I am absolutely helpless to a chartreuse, it was a done deal. I love the combo of colors too. Not something I thought of before with a bright green. I wouldn’t have thought pairing it with a khaki would work, but it does – beautifully!

    Love, love, LOVE this launch.

  8. I tested out the tinted lip balm in Amped Pink. It’s pretty much a standard balm for me–the pink tinting doesn’t really read on me at all. I find myself reaching for it before I put on lipstick–I apply it, get ready, let the balm sink in, and then apply my lipstick. It really helps plump up my lips and keeps them looking and feeling smooth–which is great because chapped lips are a problem for me in the winter. The citrus scent is pretty darn addictive. I do wish these had more of a tint to them, though–they feel so great on, I’d love to be able to slick this on and go, but alas, I need more color on my lips. 4 stars :)

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