Belly Buttons and Babies – gentle for baby, fab for you!

Who needs pampering more than babies and the Moms that made them? (Ok, Dad helped a little.) Belly Buttons and Babies sets out to do just that with their line of handmade body products loaded with botanicals. Need a bit of pampering yourself? Don’t worry, anyone with a belly button can use them!

The line was developed when the founder, Fran, was pregnant with her first daughter. She wanted to use only products that were organically and environmentally pure. When she was unable to find products that met her criteria, she decided to create her own. But unlike if say, I wanted to create my own products, Fran is well equipped to do just that! She has 14 years experience as a Certified Aromatherapist and Herbal Remedy Specialist (along with many other certifications.)

The products she developed are cruelty free, do not contain additives or artificial color and are paraben and sulfate free. In other words, safe for Fran and her kids and safe for you and yours too.

The babies line of softly scented Lavender Chamomile washes and lotions are a fabulous way to bond with your little one. The lavender is soothing, helping to lull them to sleep, yet the blend is gentle enough for Moms who previously found lavender essential oil a bit too strong or medicinal.

Moms will be drawn to items like the Pink Grapefruit Body Lotion, scented with a mix of juicy grapefruit and sweet almond oil, and Sensual Amber Sugar Soufflé Body Scrub, finely milled sugar with an intoxicating vanilla and musk oil blend (oh, yum!)

Regardless of the size of your belly button, this company has an amazingly scented item to keep it, and every other part of your body as soft as can be!

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7 thoughts on “Belly Buttons and Babies – gentle for baby, fab for you!”

  1. mandaleem

    @Stef – I literally laughed out loud at the line “But unlike if say, I wanted to create my own products, Fran is well equipped to do just that!” Oooohh mannn, I feel you on that! I’ve recently started making therapeutic balms and salves and it’s really tricky! Well, practice makes perfect.

    I really like products that can be used for both babies and adults. It makes me feel just that much safer using a lotion on my hands that I don’t have to be totally paranoid about a baby ingesting. I have a friend who is about to pop, I should make her a Mama Basket of Belly Buttons and Babies products!

  2. turboterp

    I agree, @Stef, you made me laugh a couple of times in this post!

    The scents in this line sound really appealing to me, especially Lavender Chamomile. I’ll spread the word about Belly Buttons and Babies.

  3. irene

    WOW! Great stuff! Fran’s brilliant in my book! The name, Belly Buttons and Babies has such a catchy sound to it when it rolls off your tongue! I love that her line is SAFE for baby and mommy! I would have loved to have known about this product a several months ago, when very pregnant associate of mine was searching for such a product. That baby in the picture above is too cute too! Oh, to have baby soft skin! This line also reminds me of my very own baby sister. Who would just want to kill me, if she knew I told everyone that her nickname while pregnant (and thereafter) with her twins was, Kelly Smelly Belly.. HA! This product looks awesome! Each item is appealing and I love that it’s handmade! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Mel

    Oh my gosh I wish I had this line right now for my little one!! I adore lavender when it’s light and subtle, as this sounds. Will have to check this one out for sure – thanks!

  5. Mel

    For anyone looking for an adorable and very useful shower or new baby gift, they have a set for $49.90 of the lavender and chamomile wash and lotion, and a really cute towel with 2 washcloths. I would have LOVED to receive this for my daughter…just tell the mom to maybe wait and not use on a brand new baby, as the wash is not a tear-free formula.

  6. kellie76

    This line looks like a great way to pamper me!! And it looks like they offer some great gift options for new moms. I have been looking for a good baby shower gift! Yay! Thanks for introducing us to the line Stef.

  7. I always recommend Burt’s Bees products. But this one looks good to try. And better because it’s good for both babies and moms, too.

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