13 Top Essence Mascaras for Longer and Fuller Lashes

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Essence is one of the top makeup brands with an impressive line of mascaras catering to different needs and preferences. 

Regardless of your lash type, there certainly is one formulated for you!

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That explains why Essence mascaras are some of the best-selling makeup products online, especially on Amazon.

Their quality, their effect on the eyes, and their affordable prices have made them highly sought out. On top of that, these are also cruelty-free!

If you’re tired of your old mascara not living up to your standards, it’s time to ditch and replace it. 

In this article, we curated a list of the 13 top Essence mascaras that will leave your jaw dropping. 

Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
Editor's Pick
  • Cruelty-free
  • Ultra-black pigment
  • Extra-large elastomer brush
Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara
Budget Pick
  • Irritant-free 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Conically-shaped fiber
Essence Lash Princess Snow White False Lash Effect Mascara
Premium Pick
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Straight, tapering brush

How To Choose Which Essence Mascara Is the Top

Choosing the top Essence mascara can be overwhelming, given the wide range of options. 

However, considering a few factors, you can narrow your choices and ultimately determine which Essence mascara can satisfy your needs and expectations. 

1. Know Your Lash Type

  • Short lashes: The top Essence mascara for short lashes features a curved wand with thick bristles for an easier lash-coating process. 
  • Long lashes: If you have naturally long lashes, the best way to make your eyes pop is by curling your lashes.

    Choose which Essence mascara is specifically formulated to lift and curl each strand to give you that effortless cat eye effect.
  • Uneven lashes: The top mascara to fix this should have a bigger brush with a center that tapers so the formula can properly reach and coat the shorter strands.

    The mascara should also be infused with argan oil, other growth serums, or keratin to promote hair growth
  • Stubbornly straight lashes: Eyelashes that are thick and persistently straight would require you to use an eyelash curler and quickly apply a fast-drying mascara. 
  • Sparse lashes: The top mascara for old women and younger ones with thin lashes should have a volumizing effect. The formula should also be light so the strands stay up the whole time. 

2. Determine the Lash Look You Want

  • Natural lash look: Look for an Essence mascara with a tube-shaped wand and short bristles. They’ll hold less product but effectively and minimally coat each strand.
  • Dramatic lash look: Find an Essence mascara that can add volume to your lashes. It should have a dense brush so you can pick up an adequate formula for the bold look you want.
  • Lifted lash look: Go for an Essence mascara infused with tiny fibers. They’re meant to extend and plump up the lashes from base to tip without leaving your strands clumped together. 

3. Choose Your Formula

  • Lengthening mascara: Stretches out the length of your lashes without making them look bulky.
  • Curling mascara: Makes lashes curl better. The formula is usually thick for curl retention. 
  • Clear mascara: This is an alternative to black and brown mascaras. It provides a subtle sheen, perfect for spring and summer glowy looks. 
  • Volumizing mascara: Creates a more intense lash look, especially on the roots of each strand. 
  • Waterproof mascara: It dries faster than other mascara formulas and can stay on your lash even if it comes in contact with sweat or tears. 

13 Top Essence Mascaras To Enhance Your Eyelashes

Do you feel naked when you don’t wear mascara? If your tube runs out of formula and you want to upgrade your lash makeup, Essence is the general public’s go-to brand. 

It’s easy on the budget and is exceptional in quality! 

With a wide array of mascaras released since the brand’s inception, knowing which Essence mascara to buy can be time-consuming. 

To ease up your search, we made the top Essence mascara review so you can find your lashes’ soulmate!

Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara

We are awed by how volumizing this mascara is. With a few strokes of this formula, you’ll get denser, darker eyelashes. 

Primary benefits: Evenly coats each lash strand; allows lashes to appear intense; provides length that lasts all day


  • Paraben-free
  • Formulated with an ultra-black pigment
  • Suitable for achieving bold, dramatic lashes

Deemed the best Essence mascara for volume and length.

Tired of your old mascara that leaves you with flakey or fading results? Why not replace it with the well-loved Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara? 

Its thick and rich formula can last all day while keeping each hair pigmented, long, and defined. 

Unlike other mascaras, this one enables you to apply as many coats as necessary to achieve volume without giving you a dreadful clumpy set of eyelashes. 

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

This mascara is our favorite since it’s an excellent alternative to false eyelashes.

Primary benefits: Provides your eyelash with an extra volumizing effect; leaves no clumps or flaking; effectively lengthens short lashes


  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with a long, built-in wand
  • Gluten-, silicone-, alcohol-, and fragrance-free

It is highly effective in making your eyelashes look like falsies with just a few strokes using this mascara.

Tired of always applying false eyelashes? The shortest route to maintain the eye look you’re used to is using the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara.

One side of this mascara’s wand is spaced out, ideal for separating your eyelashes, while the other is finely bristled and aims to coat as many hairs as it can touch. 

When you apply this mascara, you can feel that it’s lighter even after several strokes. 

Since it’s also free from paraben, alcohol, oil, and fragrance, those with sensitive skin should find this the best option. 

Want to see how this mascara works on the lash? Check out this short video below:

Essence Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara

This mascara is a great daily eye makeup buddy, thanks to how natural it looks to the eye on top of its sculpting effect!

Primary benefits: Defines eyelashes; leaves a voluminous, rich look; instantly coats all lash strands with its tapered bristles


  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with a tapered, fiber brush
  • Paraben-, alcohol-, oil-, and fragrance-free

An excellent pick for giving your unruly eyelashes extra pigment, length, and definition.

The amount of coverage this mascara offers surprises new Essence converts!

With its curved, conical fiber wand, anyone can achieve a natural eyelash look. One application already does wonders, plus you can instantly notice the lengthening effect it creates. 

Apart from being so easy to apply, the Lash Princess Sculpted Essence Volume Mascara also doesn’t leave you with raccoon eyes after a nap, nor would it leave mascara flakes after a long day. 

Essence What the Fake! Volumizing and Lengthening Fiber Mascara

We are shocked by how extra volumizing this mascara is. It’s living up to the hype with its incredible formula that allows your lashes to look like you’re wearing eyelash extensions. 

Primary benefits: Makes eyelashes longer; effectively makes each strand appear thicker; stays put all day without flaking. 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Comes with an ergonomically shaped fiber brush
  • Does not contain alcohols, oils, fragrances, nanoparticles, acetone, and parabens

You’ll instantly see a more defined eyelash with one coat of this mascara!

What the Fake, indeed! This Essence mascara is equipped with a tapered nylon-fibered brush to give you a more defined eyelash look. 

You can build layers on your lashes until you achieve your desired volume, length, and thickness. The results won’t be too different when you get your eyelash extensions. 

With its superb effect and long-lasting formula, the Essence What the Fake! Volumizing and Lengthening Fiber Mascara is worth adding to your makeup collection.

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof

This mascara keeps you smudge-free all day, regardless of the hot weather!

Primary benefits: Provides extreme coverage; stays on without flaking or fading; maintains an incredible volume and can withstand sweat and tears


  • Water-proof
  • Budget-friendly
  • Features fine and dense bristles 

It effortlessly stretches the length of your lashes with just a few layers of this mascara formula.

The Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof is ideal for those with short eyelashes. If you need more length for a better eye-fluttering show, gradually brush through your eyelash strands.

With its waterproof feature, expect this mascara to stay on even if you submerge your face in the water. 

It’s also important to note that you need micellar water or coconut oil to remove this mascara from your eyelashes. 

Essence Double Trouble Mascara Extra Black

With its curling, defining, lengthening, and long-lasting formula, what’s not to love about this mascara?

Primary benefits: Gives you a dramatic or natural eyelash look; makes eyes pop better with its black formula; guarantees volume and definition


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Features a brush with two types of bristles
  • Free from parabens, alcohols, fragrances, oils, and microplastic particles

A truly innovative mascara product with a 2-in-1 brush to capture even the finest hair strand.

Need a mascara with two different brush types? Look no further because the Essence Double Trouble Mascara Extra Black fits the bill. 

The blue-shaded side is made of elastomer, responsible for creating volume and length, while the other can be used to add definition and curl. 

Whether you’re after a natural look or a bold eyelash look, you can certainly have the desired results with this mascara! 

Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara

This fan-favorite mascara is the best pick for a night out, thanks to its elegant and rich black color that makes the eyes pop wildly. 

Primary benefits: Gives you voluminous eyelashes; sets all day long; nicely separates lashes to avoid clumps


  • Comes with a cobra-shaped brush
  • Features a lightweight wand and fine bristles
  • Contains no preservatives, silicones, fragrances, oils, alcohols, gluten, or microplastics

This rich, black mascara formula lifts, thickens, and transforms your eyelashes so your eyes look more intense for evening occasions.

How you look during the day somewhat changes during the night. When the sun sets, you gotta level up your eye makeup game using the Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara. 

Depending on how fierce you want your eyes to be, feel free to coat your lashes once, twice, or more. 

Keep your strokes straight through the strands to add length, or gently twist and shake the wand to add density to your roots. 

Of course, who wouldn’t notice its unique cobra-shaped brush? Its particular purpose is to reach every individual strand and give you more control when doing so.

Essence Lash Princess Snow White False Lash Effect Mascara

It’s tested and proven that this mascara does well in coating the lash evenly without the dreaded flaking or clumping. 

Primary benefits: Requires no touch-ups hours after application; provides instant results even after just one coat; separates lashes


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Cruelty-free mascara
  • Features a straight, tapering wand

It doesn’t matter what errand or activity you have to attend. This mascara does the job without you having to break the bank!

Prepare to get bombarded by questions from people asking what mascara you use. With its straight, conic bristle brush, you can effortlessly achieve the false-lash effect with just a few layers. 

However, if you want your lashes to look natural, one to two coats would suffice. 

This mascara can easily coat your lower lashes too. You can use the tapering tip to apply the formula on individual hairs or utilize the center brush to minimize the number of strokes you’d have to make. 

Essence The False Lashes Mascara Extreme Dramatic Volume Unlimited

Wearing this mascara will get many people wonder whether or not you have falsies on!

Primary benefits: Effectively coats every lash for volume; provides incredible length to each strand; sculpts lashes according to your liking


  • Alcohol-free 
  • Smudge-proof
  • Formulated without animal byproducts

Say goodbye to lashes that look like spider legs. This mascara will leave you impressed right after applying the first coat.

People can’t stop talking about the Essence The False Lashes Mascara Extreme Dramatic Volume Unlimited!

Drastic results show right after you do the first coat, but feel free to build up layers until you achieve the volume you want. 

Regardless of the occasion, this mascara formula can keep you looking fresh and neat all day. It doesn’t smudge, leave lashes clumped together, or require hourly touch-ups.

Essence Lash Like a Boss Instant Volume and Length Mascara

We love the Lash Like a Boss Essence mascara because it’s hands down one of the best go-to formulas if you’re in a hurry.

Primary benefits: Provides volume after one or two swipes; makes lashes look extra noticeable; effectively lengthens lashes. 


  • Comes with a curved, fiber brush
  • Made with a buildable, lightweight formula
  • Free from irritants like alcohols, oils, parabens, and microplastics

A formula that can boost your confidence each day, allowing you to feel exactly like the boss babe that you are!

The Essence Lash Like a Boss Instant Volume and Length Mascara comes in an aesthetic metallic pink packaging accented by a black wand. 

Its most noticeable feature is its curved brush tip, a convenient shape that can coat your lashes in one go. 
If you’re looking for intense volume, apply one of the top lash primers on the market. Once done, you can apply the mascara formula from the root to the tip.

Essence Get Big! Lashes Triple Black Mascara

Essence gets big with their mascara! Their Triple Black formula grants blacker, fuller, and thicker eyelashes. 

Primary benefits: Provides maximum volume; coats all lashes evenly; helps you achieve an expressive look


  • Ophthalmologically tested
  • Showcases a carbon black texture
  • Features a large, innovative fiber brush

Considered the best Essence mascara for those who need extra volume on their lashes.

Unlike other mascaras, the Essence Get Big! Lashes Triple Black Mascara can give you the desired volume without making your lashes feel heavy on the eyes. 

The formula feels thick, but once it’s coated on your strands, you can see an instant lifting effect that lasts long.

You only need to let the brush go through a few times on your eyelashes, and you’re done. 

Essence Bye Bye Panda Eyes Smudge-proof Volumizing Mascara

Smudge-proof, flake-free, and incredibly volumizing are why we love this mascara!

Primary benefits: Leaves you smudge-free; provides definition; consistent quality without fading


  • Comes with a straight fiber brush
  • Works well with bottom eyelashes
  • Free from gluten, silicones, alcohols, parabens, fragrances, and microplastics

This mascara formula will leave your eyelashes looking sculpted and stunning in every angle!

The Essence Bye Bye Panda Eyes Smudge-proof Volumizing formula effortlessly coats your lashes in a tube-like manner. 

With its large bristles, you get the volume you want right away. You don’t have to worry about clumping or smudging either. 

The long and thick bristles can capture each strand without you having to draw the brush too close to your eyes. 

You can also apply the product to your bottom lashes. Guaranteed, it won’t make your lashes stick together or give you a weird feeling whenever you blink your eyes.

Essence Volume Stylist 18Hr Lash Extension With Fiber Mascara

We’re captivated by how long this mascara stays on the eyelashes. It can last up to 18 hours!

Primary benefits: Lengthens every fiber; provides a voluminous finish; keeps your lashes in place


  • Features a fiber paddle brush
  • Formulated to last up to 18 hours
  • Free from alcohols, parabens, and microplastics

Get the volume, length, and sculpting effects in just one mascara!

You won’t believe how the Essence Volume Stylist 18Hr Lash Extension with Fiber Mascara could change your eye’s appearance!

If you’re always on the go, this mascara will save you time as you only need one or two applications, and voila, your lashes are instantly curled, tinted, and thickened. 

It’s the top product if you’re looking for the top Essence mascara formula that doesn’t fade after just a few hours of wearing it. 

a young woman applying mascara while looking at the bathroom mirror

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Top-Selling Essence Mascara?

The best-selling Essence mascara on Amazon is the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. 

It’s no surprise. This formula grants you the falsies effect in a convenient way.

It’s also long-lasting, free from clumping and flaking, effective in lengthening, and great at volumizing.

What Is the Top Essence Mascara for Length?

The Essence What the Fake! Volumizing and Lengthening Fiber Mascara is the top pick if you’re after lengthening your eyelashes. 

With its center-tapered bristles, you can pick up enough formula to coat each strand and build them up at a certain length. 

What Is the Top Essence Mascara for Asian Lashes?

Most Asians have hard-to-curl and straight-down eyelashes. The ideal choice for them would be the Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara. 

Its rich mascara formula can deal with stubborn lashes and uplift them to achieve the popping, dramatic eyelash effect. 

Flutter Your Enhanced Eyelashes

Tired of having plain-looking eyes that look insignificant? The top Essence mascaras listed in this article will give you a dramatic transformation! 

Unlike other brands, Essence mascara formulas live up to their promises of giving you stunning eyelashes that don’t get droopy after a few hours. 

They’re also insanely volumizing, giving you the best definition, so you have attractive-looking eyes to showcase all day.

To find the best fit, always determine your lash type, know what lash look you want, and choose the right Essence mascara to help you reach your objectives.

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