BPAL Inquisition 2013: Naughty or Nice

BPAL Inquisition 2013: Naughty or Nice

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Leave it to the little elves at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab to make an inquisition fun!

Once a year, BPAL joins forces with the Black Phoenix Trading Post (their outpost for lotions, candles and more) to offer sets of products, usually with a “This or That” theme. Inquisitions have included Agony or Ecstasy, Trick or Treat, and this year they want to know if you are Naughty or Nice?

For $48 you will get a fairy tale-themed Bath Oil and a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab fragrance. But here’s the fun part, you can plea the case of your niceness or naughtiness and they will decide if it’s true and which scents you get. (You can also make requests, but boo – what fun is that?) They’ll even share some of the them on their Facebook page – so make ’em good!

I’m loving the sound of this Nice perfume, SCRAPPY DAMSEL:
No tower too high, no dragon too mighty! Get in ass-kickin’, self-savin’ gear with this bright, energetic perfume! Orange blossom, neroli, white musk, shimmering amber, yellow sandalwood, Himalayan cedar, radiant saffron, and golden honey.

And this Naughty one, VAIN SORCERESS:
Mad with power, madly in love, or just mad: a dark, spellbinding, seductively narcissistic mix of tuberose, blackened vanilla musk, caraway, white gardenia, red amber, black velvet accord, and jasmine sambac.

If you don’t want to make a plea, leave your order blank and “the denizens of Black Phoenix will utilize the ancient art of sniffomancy in order to determine your fate.”

We may have said this a few hundred times already but it bears repeating: we freakin’ heart BPAL!

How about you readers, are you naughty or nice?

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5 thoughts on “BPAL Inquisition 2013: Naughty or Nice”

  1. This is tough. I am really loving the sound @stef‘s naughty and nice picks. I think that I am a little bit of both. Regardless of how good or bad you are anything that you choose from BPAL is usually a winner. They make great gifts during the holidays as well.

  2. I would definitely leave my selection blank, because both scents sound lovely and I’d like to see how accurate the sniffomancy is! Also, off to google what sambac is…intrigued.

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