Burberry Silk and Bloom Blush Palette review: Spring 2017 collection

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If you are familiar with this site and with me, you know that I am obsessed with blush. That’s being pretty conservative, actually. I’m crazy for the stuff. I can never own enough blush or have too many. When I saw the new and limited edition Burberry Silk and Bloom Blush Palette, I knew it had to be mine. I cringed at the $68 price tag, but Burberry makes some excellent blushes and this one is LIMITED, y’all!
So, I took the plunge.

I ordered from Burberry’s website because that’s the only place I could find this coveted beauty at the time. It has since sold out there and seemingly everywhere else online. Try Nordstrom in store.

The packaging is the signature beige box inside of a rosy floral sleeve. The blush inside is housed in a plaid embossed metallic grey compact and is nestled inside a plaid velvet pouch. The included angled blush brush is stored inside the velvet pouch separately. FANCY!

The blush itself is breathtaking. It’s embossed with a floral and honeycomb print based on antique wallpaper from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Total eye candy. The color seems to shift, depending on the light in the room. Inside and under low light, the color appears to be a shimmering plummy rose. Outdoors in direct light and it looks like a magical rose with a coral undertone.

The shimmer is not contained to the embossed surface of the palette–it’s laced throughout the finely milled powder. Are you swooning yet?

The sparkle seems very noticeable in the swatches, but it appears very natural/radiant once applied to your cheeks. No disco ball here, ladies! The end result is a fresh and lovely blush that brightens up your complexion considerably.

It pains me I spent $68 for a single blush, but it would pain me more if I missed out on this gorgeous palette.

Have any of you splurged on the Burberry Silk and Bloom Blush Palette? What spring beauty products are you coveting right now? Let’s hear about it in the comments!



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  1. lipglossandspandex

    That word “limited” can sure make us makeup ladies do some crazy things, can’t it? :P I bought one of the Mad Men inspired blushes from Estee Lauder (limited edition of course) and I can hardly bring myself to use it as a result!

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