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You know the saying; Home is where the heart is. We’ll show you all the stuff to make it even lovelier. Plus lots of bits and pieces that make life worth living.

How to find the best travel deals

vacation flip flops

I don’t care if all of the political pundits and talking heads are saying otherwise (and don’t even get me started on the Kathy Lee hour on Today!) “Stay-cations” are lame. Well, let me qualify that – Stay-cations can be great ways to really see the city you live in with new eyes. But let’s …

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DayNa Decker candles

Why do we save our best things for company? The fine china, the nice linens, the “guest” soap, and for me-my best candles. In a way, I guess it’s sweet, you want your guests to experience your finest. But looking at it another way, do you not think you deserve to use your best? Why …

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summer-ize your home on any budget

The beginning of summer means more then breaking out the flip-flops, tank tops and the rest of your summer wardrobe. It’s right around this time that you may notice your home could use a little lightening up as well. Adding some sunshine and seasonal touches to your place doesn’t mean you need a complete overhaul …

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Travel Tins – candle review

I am just plain gifted! Seriously, I have talent. I never miss an opportunity to spill food on my clothes. When I walk (and trip) I always manage to scrape and scuff my shoes and dent my heels. And even though I don’t actually touch them when they’re burning – candles that are in a …

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How to: Scarf gift wrapping

For the longest time, I seemed to hoard scarves. I never wear them, so it was a kind of puzzling collection. But every single thrift store I ever go into has a basket full of them, usually priced somewhere in the 25 cents to $1.00 range. Brightly colored, fabulously patterned, and a really beautiful snapshot …

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