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Spinach Quiche Lorraine recipe

For those of you that know me, have read my posts and profile, or have stalked me in other ways to which I am oblivious, (let’s keep it that way), you know that I’m obsessed with France and all things French (Disclaimer: that being said, I don’t actually want to be French – I like …

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Stuffed burger recipe

Grab your napkins! It’s recipe day in our we heart summer week. And we’re aiming to please both the carnivores and vegetarians with this one. Time to break out the grill! Whether you’ve got a fancy built-in in your backyard or a table top George Foreman, food just tastes better grilled. And what says summer …

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Little Tea Cakes recipe

I enjoy cooking, but I love baking. I’m not quite sure where I get it from because I come from a mother who believed cut-and-bake tubed dough was homemade. Her mother wasn’t much into baking, either. She was more of a “Flowers in the Attic” grandmother than a milk and cookies grandma. I mean, she …

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Apple Cheddar Turkey Burgers Recipe

It’s occasionally starting to feel like Spring here in PA and it’s got me all sorts of excited to start grilling everyday! I’ve been scouting for burger recipes for months. Here’s one I found at Rachael Ray. With cranberry and green apples, it’s also great for Fall. Everyone I’ve served these to is obsessed with …

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