Celebrate Becca’s 10th Birthday with their Limited Edition Anniversary Palettes

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Party with the Dusty Rose and Vintage Jewel Anniversary Palettes!

Dusty Rose And Vintage Jewel Anniversary Palettesphotos: we heart this

I love celebrating birthdays…well, other people’s birthdays. I swear, after I hit 30, I was like “give me cake, give me presents, and let’s pretend this never happened.” However, when celebrating for other folks, I am the planner, ringleader, and the person who sings “Happy Birthday” in the loudest, most obnoxious I can manage without getting stabbed by the cake knife (the key is to stand far away from the person holding the knife). What can I say? Birthdays are exciting.

I am especially excited to be celebrating Becca Cosmetics’ 10th birthday! We here at we heart this were honored they chose to allow us to party with them by letting us test out their new Limited Edition Anniversary Palettes.

Becca Cosmetics with a black pouch

I know, I know, usually it’s customary for the party celebrating a milestone to receive gifts, but Becca has come up with two mighty sassy celebratory offerings for their customers in the form of their Dusty Rose Anniversary Palette and their Vintage Jewel Anniversary Palette. Both circular palettes are housed in a cute little zippered carry all and are quartered off into four lip and cheek products in varying degrees of gorgeous.

The Vintage Jewel Anniversary Palette contains a classic crème blush, and three new beautiful products:

Vintage Jewel Anniversary PaletteVintage Jewel Palette

Crème Highlighter in Beechnut – bronzey gold (new shade)
Lip Gloss in Cosmopolitan – berry with silver shimmer (new shade)
Crème Blush in Hyacinth – yellow pink creme (classic shade)
Lip & Cheek Crème in Snapdragon – orange pink with tons of gold shimmer (new shade)

Vintage Jewel Anniversary Palette SwatchesVintage Jewel Palette (as listed above)

The Dusty Rose Anniversary Palette contains three classic shades of blush and offers a brand new gloss:

Dusty Rose Anniversary PaletteDusty Rose Palette

Crème Highlighter in Narcissus – opalescent peach nude (classic shade)
Lip & Cheek Crème in Tuberose – coral pink creme (classic shade)
Lip Gloss in Cassini – extra shiny dusty pink (new shade)
Crème Blush in Turkish Rose – rosy nude (classic shade)

I got to test out the Dusty Rose palette and believe this is a must-have if you have always wanted to try Becca’s wares, or if you already love Becca, but don’t want to keep multiple products in your purse or carry-on luggage.

Both palettes are packaged in a larger version of their sleek signature brown compact with silver medallion on the lid. And as mentioned, the compact comes in the most darling chocolate brown zipped pouch; meant to go everywhere you go and you feel so special pulling this out of your purse or makeup bag.

Dusty Rose Anniversary Palette SwatchesDusty Rose Palette

I’m already a fan of their crème blushes and lip & cheek crèmes, so the fact that this small package contains two of the most universally flattering shades made this blush whore a happy girl.

Turkish Rose is a great neutral rose shade and Tuberose is a bright coral on my fair skin. Both look gorgeous with a slick of the Narcissus highlighter at the tops of the cheekbones. Narcissus is also fantastic as an eye-brightening cream eye shadow, making this ideal for travel. I was worried that this would read as too peach on me, but it appears more golden with a hint of peach on my lids.

The lip gloss appears to be a medium pink in the pan, but applies as a lighter milky pink on my lips. I found this was most flattering when layered over top of the Tuberose lip & cheek crème, for a pop of color. For an added bonus, dab a little of the Narcissus highlighter in the middle of your lower lip for a bee stung look.

As with all of the other Becca products I’ve used, the staying power on these is pretty darn amazing. I have oily skin, yet their crème blush and lip & cheek crèmes manage to stay put on me for a good 4-5 hours, which is pretty fantastic. If I layer a little powder on top, I can eek out about 6-7 hours wear. The lip gloss lasts until I eat or drink something, but that’s typical of most lip glosses on me.

As those of you who are familiar with Becca, the quality is outstanding on these, from the packaging to the product. I’m giving this a solid 5 stars.

Universally flattering shades
Posh packaging
Highly portable
Would make a fantastic gift

NONE. Go out and get yourself one – or both! (I’m an enabler.)

Sadly, these anniversary palettes look be be sold out on the US website, however they can still be found on the European Becca site (click the palette links above to shop) and at Becca counters.

we heartsters – are your thrilled to be celebrating Becca’s 10th birthday? What are your favorite Becca products?

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  1. Krista, your description of your feelings about birthdays made me laugh out loud! :) The packaging on these Becca palettes is just awesome, but I don’t usually wear cream blush.

  2. Birthdays are hard. For me when I’m having them and for others when I sing “Happy Birthday. It’s a sad state of affairs. :P lol

    I love, love, love cream blush, so this was an awesome palette for me. My skin tends to run oily, but Becca cream blushes tends to last quite a bit on me and don’t break me out. I am a fan of dusting a sheer, similarly toned powder blush on top of a cream blush–I like makeup that requires dynamite to remove. I would love it if someone made a palette like that–with a cream blush and coordinating powder…that would be almost TOO awesome :)

  3. What a cool compact. I have a hard time with cream blushes but I love the colors in the Dusty Rose Palette.

  4. Happy 10th Birthday BECCA! I’m loving the Dusty Rose Palette most of all!

  5. I tested out the Vintage Jewel Palette and I admit- I’ve been using all the colors as lip colors! I tend to stray away from creme cheek colors, especially in the summer, because they make me a little too shiny. Beechnut does make a great highlighter for my collar bones, but I find it a little too intense for my face. I’m just not tan enough yet! With a lot of blending I’m sure I could make it work but it’s such a great lip color who cares! Cosmopolitan, Hyacinth, and Snapdragon are also fantastic lip colors and I love the versatility of the palette overall. As lip products I tend to have to reapply every hour or so, more often if I eat or drink something, but that’s pretty typical of lip glosses. Best of all, none of the products are drying whatsoever, despite not being designed for lip use! Woohoo!
    And do I even have to mention the packaging?! Becca does it right every time- I love the pouch that comes with it, and the usual Becca metal mixed with the slightly rubbery case is perfect.
    In short- buy this! Now! Hehe, I’m an enabler, too, but at 5 stars who wouldn’t be!

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