China Glaze Colours from the Capital - official swatch chart

China Glaze Colours from the Capital – official swatch chart

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Hunger Games fans, this one’s for you!

Very exciting info from China Glaze today…

Colours from the Capital is a “collection of 12 new nail polish shades inspired exclusively by one distinct setting in The Hunger Games – the Capitol of the nation of Panem. Awash in lavish fashion, food, and entertainment, Capitol citizens enjoy extreme cosmetics and body modifications, bold wigs, and outlandish costumes.”

So, fellow Hunger Games geeks – what are your guesses on what the shades and names were specifically inspired by?

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  1. How cool are these??!! And gorgeous colors! I’m just finally reading the series now, but maybe Agro is for Rue’s district. Electrify reminds me of Katniss’s first dress that was on fire – although the name doesn’t totally fit. Stone Cold is a really cool color and reminds me of the frigid conditions they suffered at night. Not sure about Riveting other than Peeta’s favorite color? These are all just stunners though, and I wish I was wearing Harvest Moon right now!

  2. I am excited for these! Luxe and Lush looks quite promising – I predict it to be a top seller!…I’m also interested in Smoke and Ashes, Electrify, and Harvest Moon! Most of all, very excited for the movie!!

  3. I am a huge Hunger Games fan!! I can not wait for the movie!!! These shades are pretty perfect. I am particularly jazzed for Smoke and Ashes. Awesomeness!!!!!

  4. I’m a little disappointed in these, to be honest. They could have done so much more with the shades and the names, and most of them are just…boring. The names don’t really have much to do with the movie/books, and the only colors that I’d buy are Luxe & Lush, Electrify, and Riveting. The others I’ve definitely seen before.

    1. Katie-
      Sorry you’re disappointed in these. Hopefully you’ll like them more when you see actual swatches. Personally, I like ’em. I think they show the juxtaposition of the dismal setting of the majority of the nation with the Capitol’s ignorance and pageantry of the Hunger Games.

      I’m also interested that they say “inspired exclusively by one distinct setting “. Does that mean they’ll be additional collections based on other regions.

      I gotta say I’m geeking out!

  5. I’m totally geeking out too! At first glance, I was little unsure (where was the I heart Peeta shade) but I very quickly was won over by the intrigue of the names and the pretty, pretty colors.

    This part “inspired exclusively by one distinct setting “. is interesting @Stef because when I look for the inspiration I see some from District 12 of course – Stone Cold must be inspired by the mines by the coal in the mines of the District, Smoke and Ash by the mines and explosions and fires inside said mines. While Agro, in both name and color, makes me think of Gale and the woods that he and Katniss hunt in.

    On the other hand, the sparkling shades have got to be inspired by the Capital, right? I look at Electrify and I think of Cinna (didn’t he wear gold makeup ?) and Riveting must be for Katniss looking amazing in the arena in the District in the lead up to the Games. And Luxe and Lush is screaming Capitol as well.

    Whee – cant wait to see these in person!

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  11. If you go to All Lacquered Up, one of her commenters had the best guess–one for each district. I’ll copy and paste what she has up:

    “Luxe and Lush – District 1 (Luxury)
    Stone Cold – District 2 (Masonry)
    Riveting – District 3 (Technology)
    Hook and Line – District 4 (Fishing)
    Electrify – District 5 (Power)
    Fast Track – District 6 (Transportation)
    Mahogany Magic – District 7 (Lumber)
    Dress Me Up – District 8 (Textiles)
    Harvest Moon – District 9 (Grain)
    Foie Gras – District 10 (Livestock)
    Agro – District 11 (Agriculture)
    Smoke and Ashes – District 12 (Mining)”

    (commenter: The Hob)

    It makes sense, actually. I’ve only read the first book (so DON’T spoil the last two books), but considering what Katniss explained of the other districts, this is the best description.

    The only ones I’m feeling currently is Fast Track and Luxe & Lush. I’m not really one for greys, coppers and warm colors as they don’t tend to look all that great on my cool skin tone!

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