Lemongrass Mojitos Cocktail Recipe

Lemongrass Mojitos Cocktail Recipe

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Lemongrass Mojitos Cocktail Recipe

Well, here it is – the day has finally arrived! My first post here on wht – I’m very excited to be a part of this fabulous team and to share my favorite recipes and cooking adventures with you.

Because this is post number one – and because many of you may not have ever heard of me before, I really wanted to choose something to share with you that rocks my socks. I wanted it to be fun and even a little trendy, but still easy to make with ingredients that aren’t too difficult to find. Oh – and I wanted it to be something that everyone can enjoy this coming Memorial Day, too!

I immediately thought of my killer mojito recipe! I’m a huge mojito fan, and if you’ve never tried one, you need to go home, grab your boyfriend or hubby or bestie and drag them out to your favorite bar/restaurant and order one together. Make sure it’s a place that has fresh mint (I still have nightmares from the guy that made one with crème de menthe). And then just sit back and be happy that you didn’t waste even one more day of your life before you got to taste this yummy, refreshing cocktail.

Or, better yet, stay in and whip up a pitcher at home! I made these for my daughter’s 6th birthday party (for the grownups…sheesh) and everyone swooned over them. My version has lemongrass added for a sophisticated twist and makes it even more refreshing. But any way you choose to make them, they’re sure to be a hit!

Lemongrass Mojitos
photo: kristy for we heart this

5-6 lemongrass stalks
10 limes; 9 juiced, 1 for garnish
Fresh mint (about thirty leaves or so)
¾ cup sugar
1 cup white rum
Club soda, chilled

1) Remove any tough outer leaves and the bulb and microwave lemongrass for 30 seconds or so. Cut 6 inches off the bottom of each stalk and slice that very thinly.

2) Combine lemongrass, mint and sugar in the bottom of a pitcher and mash with muddler or wooden spoon.

3) Add the rum, lime juice, lots of ice and top with club soda (more or less to taste, I find that a small sized bottle works well) and stir well.

4) Garnish glasses with mint sprigs, lime wedges and the tops of the lemongrass stalks.

Makes one pitcher.

Note: If you can’t find lemongrass or you’d just like to try the standard mojito, simply omit the lemongrass.

Once you discover how easy this cocktail is to make AND how refreshing it is, you’ll be reaching for the ingredients to the Lemongrass Mojitos all summer long. Cheers!

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17 thoughts on “Lemongrass Mojitos Cocktail Recipe”

  1. Welcome @thewickednoodle – I am very excited to see all of the amazing recipes that you will be bringing to the table. You are certainly a welcome addition to this awesome team. What a great first recipe! I can never find a good mojito here in Ohio. But with your delicious sounding recipe I can just make my own. Thanks!

  2. Ooo, I’m going to have to try this. My first mojito was in Aruba at a swim-up bar; I’ve avoided them since because I didn’t think they could live up to that kind of awesome. However, I do love lemongrass and it’s been getting awful hot here lately, I might need these in my life!
    Welcome, @thewickednoodle, and thanks for such a great recipe!

  3. Another big ol’ “Welcome!” to Kristy – @thewickednoodle – we’re so excited to have you on our team!

    I love mojito’s – and they are actually pretty easy to make. I’ve never done a Lemongrass version (I don’t think I’ve ever worked with Lemongrass?) so I’m excited to give it a try. And with memorial Day just weeks away I have an occasion to whip up a few pitchers (and test pitchers!)

  4. Well, this has me written all over it. I love lemongrass and I love mojitos! I’ve never cooked with lemongrass though, I have to see if my store even carries it (I couldn’t even get capers for the longest time, too fancy for a small town!)

    I got a big laugh (and a shudder) out of the thought of one made with Creme de Menthe.

    We’re so happy to have you @thewickednoodle!

  5. Do you have any suggestions on what to substitute for rum to make a virgin version of this (you know, for those of us who are in the still under 21 crowd?) One year and seven months, baby!

    1. I’ve never made lemongrass mojitos ( but can’t wait to try!) but I have made many other versions of mojitos (Malibu coconut mojitos, strawberry or blackberry mojitos, ginger mojitos…) including virgin mojitos. They are great and refreshing without any alcohol at all! Plenty of flavor in the rest of the ingredients that nada more is necessary–guaranteed!

  6. Thanks so much for the warm welcome and nice comments! I’m sooo happy to be a part of this awesome team!

    @Sam – you could try a smidge of rum extract, about a teaspoon would probably work. I’m going to have to try it so I have something to offer my guests who don’t drink alcohol! :-)

  7. Can I tell you how much I love Mojitos? I planted a huge garden of mint just for making them! Right now my favorite Mojito is a watermelon version, but this lemongrass recipe sounds super yummy! Going to give it a try this weekend.

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