David Hicks for Jo Malone Home Candle review

David Hicks for Jo Malone Home Candle review

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Modern design meets retro glamor in glowing, scented perfection!

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I love a good-smelling candle like the rest of you out there, and, like cosmetics, as I get older and more knowledgeable, I have learned that quality is practically priceless. If you don’t believe me, take a whiff of an elegant Jo Malone Candle and try to go back to your Yankee ways.

Jo Malone is the London-based fragrance company that has become synonymous with natural scents in surprising combinations, interpreting the classics in a modern way. Immediately, one sees the cream and black label and knows this fragrance has the stamp of luxury and sophistication.

Partnering with David Hicks, the internationally renowned interior designer, Jo Malone has created limited edition, individually decorated home candles.

Lovely graphic deco prints channel romantic old Hollywood in this luxe blend of scent and design. The Lime Basil and Mandarin in Riviera candle speaks to the exotic Merle Oberon-types. While the Pomegranate Noir in Herbert’s Carnation sounds just like Joan Crawford to me.

I tested the perfectly feminine Red Roses in Hicksonian, and it’s just oozing with Olivia de Havilland charm and grace.

Modern design again bows to the past as if Dorothy Draper were shaking hands with Jonathan Adler. (These 2 are on my new dinner party wish list! ~ Tyna) The design of the candle couples with the scent to invoke a bygone era, while the modern color selection is representative of that scent. My Red Roses has a star/cross/square pink graphic while the Lime Basil and Mandarin has a diamond pattern in citrusy herb green. Pomegranate Noir boasts burning red damask—super sexy.

Now lets talk about the candle itself. The size of the candle is a modest 200g housed in a 3-inch diameter, 5 inch high glass. The burn time is, however, an unbelievable 45 hours.

And the scent! Red Roses in Hicksonian smells of pure crushed rose petals (though violet and citrus notes peek through), at once heady, fresh and sweet, lingering long after the flame has been doused. In fact, my bedroom smelled strongly of roses a full twenty-four hours after burning for a mere two hours the night before.

Jo Malone is a little on the pricey side; one of these devilishly sweet-smelling specimens will set you back $65. While that’s not chump change, you’re buying a date with a movie star, not a prom queen. And, as I mentioned earlier, quality is practically priceless. Jo Malone also packages their upscale products in a most delicious box, ready for gifting.

If you can’t quite justify the expense for yourself, I can justify it for you. Just kidding, but if you can’t justify the expense for yourself, make this your next dinner party hostess gift – it will last much longer than a bottle of Bordeaux and won’t leave ‘em with a headache in the morning.

we heartsters – Have you added some old Hollywood glamour to your home with the David Hicks for Jo Malone candle collection?

Sherri is co-author of What Would You Do With This Room? My 10 Foolproof Commandments to Great Interior Design, and of course, a wht writer!

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18 thoughts on “David Hicks for Jo Malone Home Candle review”

  1. Wow, the Lime Basil Mandarin sounds amazing! I’ve found the better quality candles I’ve bought in the past are the the one’s that last the longest and have more powerful scent…it’s a big price tag but one splurge that will last awhile isn’t completely unjustified right? : )

  2. I love and wear so many of Jo Malones fragrances, it’s not even funny. I adore the Lime Basil Mandarin- this is insanely delish on- and one of her candles will always be the nicest gift to bring to someone special.. I also have the Gardenia candle as a gift from my sister-in-law. It’s AMAZING!!!

  3. I think the design on these really does enhance the quality of the scent. The candle is so beautiful and the scent (of my roses) so classic. Obviously, old Hollywood is my thing and these take me back to a place I’d like to be.
    @irene, I’d love to have a Gardenia candle! Could you imagine the scent of gardenia mingled with my rose? I’d close my eyes with a pot of Earl Grey and imagine myself in Alice in Wonderland’s garden tea party.
    The imagination spurred by the olefactory senset really is the best part of good, real candles or fragrances of any kind. I could go on and on…

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  8. I would jump with joy if a guest ever gifted me with a Jo Malone candle! I’m lusting over the Lime Basil Mandarin right now.

    I’ve never had a Malone candle, but I’ve used her bath oils, creams and perfumes and every single thing has been heavenly – lush, effective and divinely scented. A total splurge store – but always worth the cost! I’ve never had buyer’s remorse after visiting one of their enchanted boutiques…just remorse I didn’t get more – heh.

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