DERMAdoctor Photodynamic therapy lotion review

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Skip the waiting room – this doctor makes house calls!

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I recently got a little work done. I never thought I’d say it, but here it is. It wasn’t at the doctor’s office, though. Not the hospital, either. I had no bandages. No swelling. No down time. My doctor is a genie in a bottle and anyone can use her; she’s Dermadoctor’s PHOTODYNAMIC therapy lotion and she wields a sunlight-activated laser.

Wondertwin powers, ACTIVATE. Form of…a lotion. DERMAdoctor’s Photodynamic therapy sunlight-activated laser lotion ($85) is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation therapy where the skin is exposed to anti-aging red light by merely applying a lotion. Light-emitting device? What device? DERMAdoctor actually refracts the sun’s harmful UV rays and turns them into anti-aging red light!

The fact that red light is a powerful tool in doctors’ offices (and expensive at-home kits) has been proven time and time again. Red light builds collagen and elastin, restoring skin’s firmness, tone and elasticity. Red light can also reduce the appearance of redness, discolorations, large pores and wrinkles. The idea of converting sunlight to this beneficial light through at-home topical lotion application is brand new.

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How do they make our sun do all this? This Photodynamic lotion contains Noni fruit, a fruit whose extract contains a special polyphenol that captures the sun’s rays, converts, then emits the energy to a highly focused red wavelength of light that is the equivalent to a red LED. To take advantage of this sunlight conversion process, there is no need to slather this lotion on your face and sit by the pool; normal activity activates the product—even sitting at home by the window!

This is no gimmick. I saw results after only a few days’ use. Immediately, my skin drank in the non-oily moisture. If I only used this as a moisturizer, it would have been a good one. With consistent use, my freckles have disappeared and my pores look much, much smaller.

To fully disclose, I used this simultaneously with an AHA treatment at night. I began alternating weeks to check each product’s efficacy. Both products do their job, but DERMAdoctor is the real standout, most notably for seeming to shrink my pores and giving my skin a glowing, youthful bounce. I don’t even need foundation these days!

Photodynamic Therapy also goes the extra mile to protect your skin from the sun with (shitake mushroom derived) Vitamin D supplementation, an oxidation preventative and sunscreen booster, and natural antioxidants like pomegranate, cucumber and Green and White Tea extracts.

Pros: (and lots of them)
Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores quickly and dramatically
Increases skin’s elasticity
Eliminates rough, dry skin and discolorations
No special devices or instruction for activation
Non-Comedongenic, Non-Irritating and Allergy Tested
Fragrance Free
Oil Free
No Animal Testing
All that and an SPF 30 as well

The pump bottle makes getting the last little bit nearly impossible…wish this were an old-fashioned squeeze tube!
The $85 price tag is steep—though not considering the cost of treatments that would yield similar results

Featured in major magazines such as Allure and Elle as well as news programs like the Today Show, this DERMAdoctor genie is getting more play than Barbara Eden in her heyday. Oh what a little work can do!

we heartsters and reviewers, I know you have GOT to love visiting this doctor! Have you seen results from the Photodynamic therapy lotion?

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  1. That was supposed to be 5 stars! Best…product…ever! Seriously great results for a mere lotion. Mine is all gone now and I must invest in more soon (even if it means a week or 2 of Mac & cheese and network tv).

  2. @sherrishera is not exaggerating! I can’t explain how DERMAdoctor Photodynamic therapy lotion works as well as it does, but it works! Like you, Sherri, I was using a lotion with AHA, too, but DERMAdoctor turbocharged my results. Freckles, a dark spot on my cheek… gone! Laugh lines… not gone, but softened for sure. I saw results shockingly fast, and they came without irritation, flaking, or peeling.

    The texture of the lotion is much thicker than I expected, but it does soak right in, so no complaints there. Or anywhere, for that matter. I know I’ll be springing for another bottle this spring, when I’m outdoors a lot more. 5 stars.

  3. Holy smokes, are you saying this might remove the big brown spot on my left cheek! Send me some!

    1. I can only speak for myself, but I think this stuff is near miraculous! Truly, freckles faded and the size of my pores seemed greatly reduced. Splotchiness was greatly reduced as well. The change was dramatic. Since I have run out I have noticed my skin reverting to its previous bad self. I think I’ll buy some as soon as able and use less often to maintain. 1 full-sized bottle lasted about a month and a half (but I know my hubby used this as well). I used nearly every day which most people wouldn’t want or need to do.

  4. I am so intrigued! I see sunscreen on the list of actives, so it is built in?
    This sounds great and I imagine other companies will jump on this idea. Great review!

  5. Love the sounds of this one! Great review!! Yeah good question about still needing a sunblock? If it converts UV rays, would you still need a separate sunblock?

  6. Man, I never wished I would have taken a product more! The spf smell of it turned me off a bit (I’m super sensitive to it) but to see all the gushing, I think I should have powered through it.

  7. I took this product becuase I always love testing out a new SPF moisturizer. I spent many years in the sun without – and now am fanatical about wearing it. From that perspective, again, this lotion from DermaDoctor is a big old hit. The lotion is lush and hydrating but doesn’t break me out. Or make me shiny or greasy. Just some fairly concentrated moisture.
    I wear contacts and have sensitive eyes and the SPF nor lotion bothered them. No seeping into my eyes hours later, or tearing when first applied. I totally love it.

    As far as the bonuses – I’ve noticed that my dark spots and freckles have faded a bit, and redness splotches as well. The only downside as Sherri mentioned, is the heavy duty container, which I will have to MacGyver open to get these last drops of lotion. Mark me down as another 5 Star, impressed reviewer!

  8. I wish this has higher SPF, since my skin needs at least SPF 50. >.< I suspect putting additional sunscreen on top would reduce efficacy of the product, though. :/

  9. Does this leave a matte finish? Or is there shine?

  10. Well, this isn’t matte like a mattifier but neither is it shiny in an oily or thick sort-of-way. This is like a quick-absorbing moisturizer. It’s not greasy at all. Hope that helps!

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