DIY: Beaded Trim Bangle Bracelet

DIY: Beaded Trim Bangle Bracelet

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Welcome to another we heart this DIY! I’ve always loved using items and supplies in ways other than their intended purpose. For this project, I repurposed a strip of beaded fabric trim to create a bracelet.

Fabric trim is usually used to accent clothes and home decor, but it also makes for an awesome fashion DIY material. Check out the trimmings section at your local fabric store – when you look at them in a different light, you’d be surprised at how many of them would look amazing as a jewelry piece.

Loading layers of bracelets and bangles on one or both arms is a style do that has been going strong for years. This DIY can give you a signature piece that is completely unique. And by the way, this project is also a great way to repurpose those old bangles and bracelets that you don’t use anymore.


Beaded applique trim
Hot glue gun
Metal bangle

I used a gorgeous beaded leaf trim (above) from M&J Trimming, one of my favorite sources for DIY supplies.

1. Cut the trim into separate pieces. Take care to cut where the beads come apart from the trim; this will be different for every design.

Note: Depending on the type of trim you choose, you might not even need to cut it apart. Feel free to skip this step!

2. Hot glue the piece onto the bangle.

3. Continue around the bangle, slightly layering the pieces if you’d like. This will also depend on the design of your trim!

4. Keep gluing pieces until the bangle is completely covered. You can further secure everything with a little extra glue here and there.

Tip: Another option for this DIY would be to glue on earring studs or ring blanks to the trim pieces; you can really go so many ways when it comes to fabric trim!

we heartsters – are you a bangle and bracelet lover too? How many are on your arm right now?

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4 thoughts on “DIY: Beaded Trim Bangle Bracelet”

  1. How cute! I have a few scraps of fabric trim that are too short to use in a larger project but are too cute to throw away, I bet they would be perfect for livening up a plain bangle! What a great DIY, thanks @KirstenGail !

  2. Really love this DIY @kirsten! I have oodles of old bangles that are tarnished or chipped on the finish. So I don’t wear them but haven’t been able to put them in the yardsale pile or donate them. This is a fab way to recycles all of them!! And I can pick trims in colors and styles to match my wardrobe…fun!!

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