DIY: Cozy Infinity Scarf

DIY: Cozy Infinity Scarf

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Cuddle up with this customizable and snuggly scarf!

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With the long, cold winter right around the corner, I am all about bundling up to stay warm. To do this, I have been making a ton of infinity scarves. Not only are they fashionable this season but they will keep you very cozy on those winter walks to view all the pretty Christmas lights. And for those of us watching our budgets, they also make a fabulous homemade, holiday gift!

Two pieces of cozy fabric (about 2 yards each)
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Needle and thread for finishing the piece

Note: I used my sewing machine for most of this project. However, this DIY could be done by hand; just make sure the stitches are close together to ensure the scarf holds together over time.


DIY infinity scarf supplies

1. Start by cutting a piece that is 63 inches long and 11 inches wide of each fabric. I used a solid fleece fabric and another matching fabric with a wintery feel to it.

DIY infinity scarf instructions

2. Place the two fabrics together, right side facing in, and sew along the long edge.

3. Repeat with the other long side, but stop about two inches from the end.

scarf laying on floor

4. Once both sides are sewed together, flip the scarf so that the right sides are facing out. You’ll have a long tube with two open ends.

instructions to finish the edge of a DIY infinity scarf

5. Now pull the whole scarf through one end, turning it inside out so that the scarf is half as long and the two openings meet. Make sure the seams are matched up and sew around the outside edges, leaving about 1-2 inches not sewn.

turning a scarf sewing project inside out

6. Turn the scarf right side out again, carefully through the 1-2 inch opening.

7. Hand sew the last few inches and you are finished!

Tip: Try this with just one fabric or cotton for a more causal every day style.

we heartsters – are you happy scarf weather is here again?

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