DIY Halloween: Chia Pet Dog Costume

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Want to make your pet a DIY Chia Pet Costume? Follow along with this step-by-step tutorial.


Perhaps you’d like to make your pet a Halloween costume?

Then have I got the DIY for you – a Chia Pet Dog costume!

Only the strong should take this one on.

But if you do, the results are so damn cute, you’ll forget all the times you cursed during the making…

DIY Chia Pet Dog Costume Supplies



  • Plastic greenery – I used a mix of boxwood greenery that’s used for faux topiary (it’s sold as garland or flat) and asparagus ferns. Aquarium plants will also work but are more expensive. Order quantity based on the size of your pet.
  • Felt – You’ll need green and terracotta shades. Felt is ideal because you won’t need to finish/hem the edges.
  • Duct tape
  • Green buttons and thread
  • X-Acto knife and scissors
  • Patience

DIY Chia Pet Dog Costume Instructions


1. Cut green felt into a horse blanket shape. (I suggest making a pattern from paper first.) It will drape over their back, have a hole for their head and two flaps that wrap around their neck.

For sizing, measure the length of your pet from the top of their chest, over the shoulders to the tail.

Then, measure from the top of one leg, over the back to the top of the opposing leg for the width.

Round the corners of the rectangle, cut a small hole for the neck and a slit that will make two flaps.


2. Pull a hefty amount of foliage off the stems. Cut the duct tape into small strips (about ¼ wide) and place on the edge of a plate.

Having these supplies ready to go makes it easier to work faster. Prepare more as needed.



3. Pierce a tiny slit in the felt with an X-Acto knife and poke one piece of foliage through the top, with the base sticking through the back.

Wrap a strip of tape around the base.

This will make it wider so it doesn’t fall through the hole. Repeat MANY times, as this step is the most time-consuming.


4. When you get to the neck area, place a blanket over your pet and determine where the button(s) should be on the flaps.

You want to hold it closed, but be loose enough that it’s not constricting your pet (any more than a Halloween costume already will be!) I used two buttons.


5. For the terracotta pot legs, measure the length of your pet’s legs from foot to shoulder/hip.

Cut a rectangle of felt that you will roll into a cylinder shape slightly smaller at the bottom and wider at the top.

Make sure it’s not so tight that your pet can’t bend its knees. Cut two corners off the top of the rectangle.

Use this pattern to create 3 additional legs.

6. Roll each rectangle and sew the edge from the bottom up.

The wider top and larger opening, from cutting the two corners, will make it easier to get your pet’s legs in and out of the costume.


7. Sew front legs to a strip of fabric laid across their back.

Repeat with the back legs.

Then, run a piece of fabric or elastic down the length of your pet’s back and connect the two-leg strips to it.

This will keep the rear pant legs from slipping off.

DIY-chia-pet-dog-costume-dog-pantsOh hello there, readers! Just getting my pants on…


Terracotta pants on, greenery filled horse blanket draped and Handsome Hank is all set for Halloween!

Credit where it’s due: I never could have made this costume without the general guidance of this post.


And a big shout out to Hank, who was way more than happy and patient through this whole process than I thought he’d be!

DIY-Chia-Pet-Halloween-Costume-2Are you going to tackle this DIY Chia Pet Dog Costume? 


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  1. Whitney S. says:

    I love this for so many reasons. Do you think this would look good on a 75# golden retriever/lab mix? Just curious …

  2. OMG this is adorable and hilarious–I’m now picturing our Saint Bernard in this. Also can we talk about those studded fingernails!!

  3. Hanks facial expression to the camera nearly took me out! Wow, he’s something else! What personality and patience too! It’s funny, we were looking a dogs in Halloween costumes over this weekend.. laughing and wishing we had a dog to do it to!
    Great one @stef, I am impressed! Hopefully, Mr. Hankie gets lots of treats this year! His first Halloweenieeeeee!

  4. Hank’s sweet face is making my day! Great costume, @stef! I really wish my girls would let me dress them up. The Bos-Pin (Boston Terrier/Min Pin) will let me put whatever I want on her, but her Puggle sister will not tolerate clothing or costumes and she usually chews on her sister when she’s wearing something. It’s just sad :(

  5. This is more than awesome!!!!! Hank is adorable, the costume is adorable!!!! I wonder if mine would do this?

  6. Ok, that is the cutest, most clever thing I’ve ever seen! EVER! You win Halloween, @stef!

  7. Hank is a Saint! Lol, this is hilarious, and awesome… My Aussie would destroy this in about five seconds, or I would have the felt out ASAP!

  8. This is awesome and adorable but my dog would kill me if I made her wear this!! Too bad!! Great costume.

  9. So cute. So funny. And so weird at the same time. Haha! Thanks for sharing this idea!

  10. Your dog is magnificent. Seriously, his vibes !

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