DIY Jewelry: Glitter Ring

The Easiest (and Most Sparkly) DIY Ever!

DIY Glitter Ring

Glitter is a great accessory to add to any outfit. So being able to add some glittery bling in a matter of seconds with a ring is the perfect go-to statement piece for me. This DIY jewelry project will only take you seconds to complete and will leave you sparkling!

DIY jewelry supplies

Ring base with clear glass top
Glitter Bond or any glue

Tip: I found the ring base on eBay for a mere 12 bucks.

DIY Glitter Ring

1. Apply a generous amount of glue to the base of the ring.

DIY Glitter Ring

2. Pour your glitter on top of the glue. Shake off the extra and add more if needed, making sure no glue can be seen.

3. Place the glass top over the glitter.

4. Bend down the prongs (use pliers if needed) to hold down the glass top in place

DIY Glitter Ring

Options: Try using a few different colors of glitter in one ring or make a design with different colors such as chevron or polka dots.

we heartsters – How do you add some glitter and sparkle to your outfits?



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8 thoughts on “DIY Jewelry: Glitter Ring”

  1. lyssachelle

    This is so cute! And super versatile because craft stores have SO many different types and blends of glitter. AND craft stores almost always have those awesome little coupons for 40%, so this makes it not only an adorable craft, but a thrifty one too!

    And can I just say THANK YOU for the pictures that show glitter on your hand and in the background. I try so many Pinterest crafts that are beautifully shot, but my house always ends up a disaster area after I’m done and it hurts my feelings. But this shows me, “Yes, you will get glitter on your hand. And that’s okay.”
    YAY for truth in crafting!:-)

  2. mandaleem

    What a great way to use up those little bits of glitter that are just too pretty to throw away! I bet it would make a great pendant, too.

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