DIY Jewelry Project: Color Blocked Metal Necklace

DIY Jewelry Project: Color Blocked Metal Necklace

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If you’re currently reading this, there’s a good chance you’re a self-proclaimed nail polish addict…because aren’t we all? With so many different colors and finishes to choose from, it’s hard to not fall in love with the millions of nail polish out there.

But when you only have so many fingers, things can get crazy when the bottles start to pile up. Instead of throwing away your old nail polish, give them another shot in the form of a handmade necklace. This easy DIY jewelry project is great for re-purposing your nail polish and wear them in an entirely different way.



Nail Polish
Masking Tape
Metal Choker Necklace

Tip: Check out Forever 21, H&M or eBay for this type of necklace.



1. Add strips of masking tape along the necklace in even intervals.


2. Add the first color in between the tape. Start by applying a small amount, in short, even strokes. From there, you can slowly add more.


3. Repeat as desired. This is all up to you, depending on the pattern you’d like to create!


4. Add the next color. Let dry completely.


5. Once the polish is dry, carefully peel away the tape.


6. To add more nail polish in between the blocks of color that you just created, place strips of tape on top of the dried polish. Again, make sure it is completely dry before doing this step.


7. Apply additional nail polish as desired.


8. Let dry.


Rock your colorful new necklace! You can create a necklace to coordinate with a favorite outfit, or use varying shades of a favorite color – the possibilities are endless with this project.

we heartsters – What color combos would you make?

photos: Kirsten Nunez

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3 thoughts on “DIY Jewelry Project: Color Blocked Metal Necklace”

  1. Hi there Kristen, this is such an easy to make DIY, couldn’t ever think of that. When I first read the requirements I was still not sure what to expect, really awesome. Will try our some colors and create some that match with my casuals. Thanks for sharing.


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