DIY Jewelry Project: Glitter Geometric Earrings

DIY Jewelry Project: Glitter Geometric Earrings

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This winter, try taking the geometric trend for a spin with our latest easy DIY project. This time we’re working with oven-bake polymer clay – it’s a great base when it comes to creating your own jewelry components from scratch. The great thing about clay is that it’s so forgiving; if you need to re-mold it, you can!

Bring in some glitter, add in a few rhinestones, and you’ll have yourself a set of sparkly ear candy that’s both inexpensive and unique.



Decoupage glue
Extra fine glitter
Ovenbake polymer clay (same color as the glitter)
Strong craft glue – such as E6000
Small rhinestones (2)
Pair of stud earring posts
Craft scissors
Parchment paper/aluminum foil
Metal cookie sheet and access to an oven



1. Create a ball of clay measuring about 1.5 inches in width.



2. Using a jar or other sturdy cylindrical item, flatten the clay by rolling it out.


3. Using the craft scissors, cut the flattened clay into a geometric shape of your choice. I chose a hexagon; other ideas include triangles, squares or diamonds.


4. Push the rhinestones into the center of the clay to create an indentation. This will create a built-in setting for the rhinestone.


5. Remove the rhinestones and place the clay on a metal cookie sheet covered with parchment paper or aluminum foil. Bake according to the directions on the clay’s packaging.


6. After the clay has completely cooled, apply a layer of decoupage with the paintbrush.


7. Pour glitter onto the baked clay.


8. Carefully shake off the excess. Repeat on the second piece and leave to dry.


9. Once dry, add more decoupage to the edges.


10. This will allow you to cover up the sides. (Since the top side is now dry to the touch, I picked them up and dipped them into the excess glitter from the eighth step.)


11. Glue the rhinestones to the geometric-shaped base.


12. Glue the earring posts to the reverse side. Let dry.


Now rock your new pair of fabulous earrings!


we heartsters – How are you wearing the geometric trend this season?

photos: Kirsten Nunez (DIY tutorial) and Haruka Sakaguchi of The Denizen Co. (street style)

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6 thoughts on “DIY Jewelry Project: Glitter Geometric Earrings”

  1. @kirsten-nunez – I am so glad to have you back and sharing your DIYs! I’m enjoying seeing yet more 80’s trends come back in style again – I can’t look at the geometric trend without seeing old 80s videos in my head – and that’s a good thing.

    Love this simple and wearable how to! And I have never heard of of a standard oven baking clay – cool. (Cause I don’t see me having access to a kiln anytime soon – hee.)

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