DIY: Nail Polish Cluster Ring

DIY: Nail Polish Cluster Ring

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Here are five words that any beauty junkie knows all too well: old bottles of nail polish. As a DIY lady who hates the idea of wasting anything, I thought of this project as a solution to those bottles of polish collecting dust that us beauty product lovers tend to accumulate. we heartsters, I bring you the Nail Polish Cluster Ring.

Old bottle of nail polish
Clear nail polish (optional)
Second bottle of opaque/matte nail polish (optional)
Jewelry pliers
Pin back button
Small beads
Ring blank (Available on Etsy or eBay)
Super glue

1. Remove the pin back portion of the button with the jewelry pliers.

2. Fill the button with the old nail polish.

3. Before it completely dries, carefully sprinkle beads into the nail polish. Let dry.

4. If you’d like, add a coat of clear nail polish to further seal in the beads.

5. If you don’t like the original design of the button, you can paint over it with a nail polish of your choice. You could also use acrylic paint.

FYI: I used Matte is Murder from Manglaze (see the wht review here). While it’s definitely not in my “old nail polish pile”, I love the finish of it.

6. You can also paint the edge of the pin a that nice finished look.

7. Glue the ring blank to the flat side of the button, and let dry.

How’s that for resourceful? It’s something to think about before you throw away all that old nail polish!

Use small stone beads for a more natural, bohemian look.
Use tiny pearl or crystal beads for a formal, dressier ring.
For an interesting pop of color, pour more than one shade of nail polish into the button.

Hope you all enjoyed this DIY and your new Nail Polish Cluster Ring!

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16 thoughts on “DIY: Nail Polish Cluster Ring”


    I have SO much nail polish that is just sitting around getting old, what a great way to use it up. The ideas are endless…I have a hot pink that would look so great with gold… Guess what I’m doing this weekend! :-)

    1. I didn’t use acrylic paint, but I’ve used acrylic paints in the past and haven’t had too much of a problem! Guess it depends on how much wear the ring gets, though.

  2. OOh this ring is amazing =) I’m a nail polish addicted, and creating a ring with nailpolish is soo great!!! Now I just need to find all the supplies!

    1. Same here, my nail polish collection is growing by the day! You should be able to find used pin back buttons on ebay for real cheap. Ring blanks are really easy to find on Etsy and Ebay, too. :]

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