DIY: Neon Striped Jeans

DIY: Neon Striped Jeans

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Add a flash of the latest color trend – neon – to your wardrobe!

photos: mackenzie for we heart this

There’s no doubt that you have seen neon flashing through the streets lately. Racer stripes and highlighter colors have made an appearance once again – and the runways have embraced them with open arms. Are you ready to embrace them too?

You could start easing into this bold color trend by using this easy DIY to incorporate some bright neon into your style this season.

A pair of jeans
Neon acrylic paint
Paint brush
Masking tape
Paper plate (not shown)

1. Lay the jeans flat so the side seam is facing up.

2. Using your masking tape, tape off the section that you want to paint.

Tip: Feel free to tape a design, a larger stripe, or multiple stripes – be creative!

3. Once everything is taped off, paint the section. Let that layer dry and paint another layer or two if you want a more solid neon hue.

4. Once the layers are dry, take the tape off.

5. Try on and wear your new Neon Striped Jeans! May I suggest adding a floral cardigan (or something ‘girly’ on top) for a great contrast and to keep that feminine touch.

we heartsters – are you thinking of adding neon stripes to your bags, thermal tees, jackets or other old and tired pieces? If you have any questions about this DIY, feel free to ask in the comments – there are no silly questions!

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8 thoughts on “DIY: Neon Striped Jeans”

  1. I’d be nervous about washing these with other clothes, or even by themselves, because I’d be worried about the paint coming off onto other things (although I’ve gotten acrylic paint on my clothes and it won’t come out!) If I were to do this project, I might try a paint meant for fabrics, just to be safe.

    1. Well, I know acrylic (particularly the brand pictured) is only water soluble when wet, so I don’t think there’d be a bleeding issue when dry. I think the only concern with washing might be flaking; @mgelina have you had any issues when washing these?

      But either way, acrylic or fabric paint, I think this is so fun!! I’d love to try this on a bag or t-shirt; it’s an easy way to jazz up my old boring things! :-)

    2. I’ve used acrylic paint on other clothes before and washed it and it has been fine. I just like using acrylic for the colors and the opaqueness. Fabric paint will work also though!

  2. The 80’s girl in me loves a bit (but just a bit) of neon too! The stripe up the leg (and styles like that) always reminds me of the Golden-Age of Romanian Gymnastics and Nadia’s leotards. I’ve loved that look since I first fell in love with gymnastics.

    And using acrylic paints on canvas totes is always a fab craft. @Stef used to cover up the logos and graphics on the corporate giveaway totes we would get in college (do they still do stuff like that?). I had a black messenger bag (we covered over the bank logo) that I carried for years. It got wet a lot in all the snow and rain over the years (and I even washed it once or twice!) – never any problems with the paint staying put.

    1. @tyna – I forgot about my DIY messenger bags! I wish one of us would have held on to one. All I can see when I think of them is you and I at a show, one of us carrying one of them and both wearing jean shorts, black tights, biker boots and flannel. So 90’s!

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