DIY: Painted Leather Earrings

DIY: Painted Leather Earrings

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There’s something about gold + black that I love. Maybe it’s the half edgy-half classy look, or maybe its the way the colors contrast…I may never know exactly what the appeal is.

But I do know these these Painted Leather Earrings, will look great with all sorts of outfits – from that little black dress to a chic blazer and jeans combo.

And of course, you don’t have to go with gold and black like I did – customize it all you want. (You knew I was going to say that!) Our latest DIY of the Month is easy to make, and you’ll only need a few supplies.


Leather scraps
Metallic acrylic paint
Thin paintbrush
Sharp scissors
Jewelry pliers
Masking tape in a thin width
Earring hooks
Jump rings, about 4


1) Cut out 2 triangles from your leather scraps – mine were roughly 2 inches long.

2) Place the masking tape on the triangles, depending on the pattern you want. Make sure the tape is perfectly flat.

3) Paint! You’ll need very little paint on your paintbrush, so be sure to wipe excess paint off before you start applying it.

Let dry.

4) Peel the tape off. You can leave it like this, or you can add some more stripes.

5) If you decide to build upon your pattern, make sure the paint is completely dry before placing more tape on the triangles.

6) Repeat Step 3 and peel the tape off when dry.

7) Using the scissors, carefully pierce a hole at the top of each of the triangles.

8) Insert two jump rings in each hole, like above.

9) Attach the earring hooks, and you’ve finished another we heart this DIY!

Some Fun Options:

* You can also use suede, faux leather, or vinyl instead of leather.
* Try regular or neon acrylic paint for a different look.
* Use different colored paints for your pattern, instead of just one
* Go with a different earring shape – a circle or square maybe?

we heartsters – do you adore gold + black as well? How will you customize these Painted Leather Earrings?

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5 thoughts on “DIY: Painted Leather Earrings”

  1. So cute, and crazy easy! And you know, I saw the picture in step 2 and for a few seconds I though it was the same earrings, just painted silver with black stripes! (It’s early…) But that just shows that this is a super versatile project. I’m not cool enough for these, but they would make amazing gifts!
    Thank you, @kirstengail, for giving me yet ANOTHER DIY project I want to try! :-)

  2. Do you do anything special to treat the leather to prevent it from curling up? When working with leather that’s going to be worn a lot (and not oiled terribly often because I forget, haha) I have the worst time with curling on unedged or thin pieces. These earrings are so cool, and I have a fun idea for a different take on the same idea. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  3. These earrings are super duper-cute, @kirstengail! I was wondering the same thing as Amanda, Is there something
    special to treat the leather to prevent it from curling up? I hate that when it happens!

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