DIY Statement Ring

DIY Statement Ring

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As a veteran crafter, I’ve always been obsessed with figuring out ways to use leftover supplies. I love how one project’s scraps can be another project’s highlight; it represents creativity at its finest. My latest DIY is all about that concept.

In this simple DIY statement ring project, miscellaneous remnants from past projects come together to create a brand new piece. It also happens to be beginner-friendly and inexpensive. Keep reading to make your own!



  • Embroidery thread
  • Adjustable ring with loop
  • Head pin
  • 10 or 12mm jump ring
  • Small beads (2-4)
  • Charm(s)
  • Scrap chain(s)
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry pliers


1. Add 2-4 small beads to the head pin.


2. Using the cutter portion of the pliers, trim the head pin ½ inch from the top bead.


3. Create a loop using the round nose ends of the pliers.


4. With the exception of your thumb, place all four fingers together. Wrap the embroidery thread around your fingers 8-10 times.


5. Remove the entire bunch. Place it on top of a short strand of thread.


6. Tightly tie the thread around the bunch two to three times. A small loop will form at the top.


7. Cut away the excess thread. Trim the bottom of the bunch to form a tassel.


8. Open the jump ring with the pliers. Add the tassel, charm(s), chain(s), and beaded head pin to the jump ring.


9. Add the jump ring to the loop of the ring. Close the jump ring.


Your new ring is complete. Again, this project idea is ideal for using up leftovers from past projects. It also offers awesome practice for novice jewelry makers.


As always, don’t hesitate to experiment with different colors or materials. This is exactly how you’ll showcase your personal taste and style. Need some ideas? Use multiple colors of embroidery thread for a vibrant tassel. Bring in several charms or chain strands for the ultimate statement piece. You can even make a ring with just tassels or charms.

Happy making!

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