DIY: The Lacy Plaid Shirt

DIY: The Lacy Plaid Shirt

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Classic Flannel + Feminine Lace = Your New Fave Top

photos: mackenzie for we heart this

Fall makes me think of pumpkins, changing leaves and flannel plaid. Once the air starts getting chilly, I see plaid all over the place. But why do these button-up shirts have to stay so traditional? Let’s give it a feminine twist, shall we?

Introducing what may become your favorite new top – the Lacy Plaid Shirt:

a plaid shirt
acrylic paint
a paint brush or sponge
scissors (not shown)
newspaper (not shown)

1. Decide where you would like a lace pattern on your shirt. I chose to run some up the arm and shoulder. Cut a piece of lace to cover that part of the shirt. Lay the shirt flat over newspaper with the lace on top.

Tip: If your plaid shirt is thin, make sure to put newspaper in between the layers so that pattern doesn’t go all the way through and make a mess.

2. Start painting through the lace. Stippling the paint onto the fabric works well to push the paint into the fabric. Paint as much or as little as you like.

Tip: If you water down the acrylic a little, it won’t be so opaque. Try different effects on a piece of paper beforehand if you’d like.

3. Before the paint dries, remove the lace and let dry.

4. You can repeat the steps if you’d like to add more lace sections to the shirt.

5. Enjoy the crisp fall weather (and winter too) in your lacy plaid shirt!

we heartsters – any ideas for other masculine classics that could use a feminine touch? How about that other winter staple; the thermal tee?

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14 thoughts on “DIY: The Lacy Plaid Shirt”

  1. This is adorable! I love the lace with the plaid; had this been any other kind of shirt I’d think, “Oh. Cute.” But the plaid shirt adds something extra and makes this an amazing DIY! Maybe it’s because the model is so pretty? :-)
    Great post, @mgelina!

  2. I’m really liking this DIY – I’ve worn a flannel shirt the last 3 days (it’s finally chilly in LA!)and I could totally use some feminine touches.

    I also like the idea of using this technique on other shirts – thermals and long sleeve tees in particular. I wear them all winter long and they can get a little boring…

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