Double Duty Accessories: How To Get Two For The Price of One!

Stretch your Fashion Budget with these 3 Tips!

photos: Almost Stylish for we heart this

When you purchase a cute new bracelet for your arm candy collection do you ever think to yourself, “How else can I wear this”? What about those fun ‘going out’ earrings that you wear to parties and special events? Ever curious to find ways to use them at work? Here are a few ways to make your accessories work double duty for you!

From Bracelet to Anklet:
Take your basis stretchy fashion bracelet; these are super hot right now so I’m sure you’ll have a ton to chose from. You know how it looks on your arm, but how will it look on your ankle?! You’re about to see just how cute it can be.

I picked up the bracelets above for a song at Forever 21, I don’t see the exact pair on the website, but they have a number of cute, stretchy bracelets online and in stores.

From Earrings to Collar Clips:
Now what about those earrings that I mentioned? Bring them out during the day as Collar Clips. Tips on collared shirts are in fashion big time right now (and will only get more popular this fall), but the price for this trend can be up there. So let’s take a second look at what you already own – earrings, and lots of them – and give them a new, second duty!

I used a pair of black, costume jewelry earrings for this look – and found a similar, more colorful pair of Bejeweled Studs at Forever 21 for those looking to imitate this style. They can go from $5 earrings to trendsetting tips in moments:

From Earrings to Brooch:
Guess what? Earrings can actually pull triple duty as a brooch.

I livened up a work outfit with a pair of Comedy Tragedy Mask Earrings worn brooch-style:

If you like this look, I found an almost identical, vintage pair over at Etsy – grab them while you can!

we heartsters – what are your favorite fashion accessories for pulling double duty?



Almost Stylish is a Business of Fashion School graduate who insists that her outfits never perfectly match as a tribute to growing up a rough-and-tumble youth turned glamour girl. She also believes that retail therapy has true healing powers.

10 thoughts on “Double Duty Accessories: How To Get Two For The Price of One!”

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  2. tyna

    Love this post @almoststylish – it’s kind of like my favorite Real Simple ongoing feature about repurposing household objects (I can’t be the only one that loves New Uses for Old Things, right?) except it’s about fashion. Whee!

    My favorite is the bracelet to anklet switcheroo – love the look. And for just $5 bucks and zero prep time (all right 10 seconds or so to slip them onto your ankles), they make quite an impact!

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