Easy DIY Projects: Embellished Shoulder Duster Earrings

Easy DIY Projects: Embellished Shoulder Duster Earrings

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Experimenting with handmade jewelry is one of the best ways to practice your hand at arts and crafts. And because each piece only requires a few components, you’ll have ample room for trial and error. The best part is that when you do finish a jewelry project, you can incorporate it into your wardrobe and favorite outfits.

Take these shoulder duster earrings, for example. Made with just a couple miscellaneous materials, you can create a statement pair of day-to-night ear candy. The personalization potential is endless in this project. Here’s how to make them…



  • Embellishments (flat-back rhinestones, studs, etc.)
  • Chain remnants
  • Blank earring posts (2)
  • Faux leather scraps
  • Scissors
  • Strong craft glue


1. Glue the embellishments to the faux leather. As always, play around with the positioning before bringing in the glue.


2. Cut the faux leather around the embellishments, trimming it down to the final shape.
This method lets you cut a shape based on the embellishments’ placement. Alternatively, you can cut the faux leather first before adding embellishments. Don’t be afraid to try both ways to determine which technique works best for you.


3. Cut out a second piece of faux leather, using the first one as a guide.


4. Cut four strands of chain measuring 3-5 inches each. Want something a little more dramatic? Go for 6-8 inches.


5. On the back side of the embellished leather piece, glue the chain and blank earring post.


6. Adhere embellishments, chain and an earring post to the second piece of faux leather. Set aside to dry.


Once everything is completely dry, your new earrings are ready to take on the town. They also double as the perfect day-to-night accessory, making them totally versatile and useful.

What type of embellishments and chain would you use for your earrings? Let us know in the comments, below!

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