etsy 4 for Friday – Apple edition

etsy 4 for Friday – Apple edition

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While October is the month for pumpkins to shine, every year around this time I go on an apple diet. I just can’t resist all the shiny, bright displays at my grocery store and farmers markets. And with apples hitting their peak in the fall – they’re so delish and plentiful, not to mention cheap and filling – I find myself happily eating them at almost every meal.

So in honor of the humble apple, this week’s Etsy 4 for Friday picks center around my favorite fruit:

I’ve always had a thing for vintage crates and labels. Bright, colorful, unique and cheap art – what’s not to love? This 1950’s Hy Valley Apple Crate Label hails from Yakima Washington and would look fabulous in a kitchen, dining room or child’s bedroom. Measuring 8.75 by 10 inches, it will be a easy to frame and display. $5.75

I like the taste of apple cider, but I really adore the scent. So I’m thrilled at the idea of lathering up with some Spiced Apple Cider Olive Oil Soap This pretty little bar (love the scrolls) of moisturizing soap is scented with fresh harvest apple cider with a hint of cinnamon and promises a light, frothy lather. Sold. One bar $4.50

Add some apple goodness to the breakfast table with some homemade Apple Butter. This sweet, organic and vegan spread is great on morning toast, bagels, waffles etc. Eat as much as you want – this spread is made with apples picked from 150 year old trees that have never been treated with hormones, artificial ingredients or pesticides. $6.25

Apples are great, but sometimes you just need some chocolate. Get your fix in the form of a dozen Autumn Harvest Red Apple Cupcakes. These incredible cupcakes are available only to those in West Virginia, but are so awesome I just had to share them with you all (and maybe I’ll inspire a few baking experiments this weekend). One dozen $24

we heartsters – do you visit the apple orchard every fall?

14 thoughts on “etsy 4 for Friday – Apple edition”

  1. @tyna – I love going to apple orchards. I am frequently in the Yakima Valley were a lot of apples are grown. There is nothing like stopping off at a road side produce stand to stock up on apples. They always taste best straight from the orchard.

    1. It’s been a while since I’ve been – but it’s totally fun. Fresh air, pretty nature, yummy apples, roadside stands with homemade goods, watching cider being made (and sampling it) and time spent with friends/family. If you like going to the pumpkin patch, picking strawberries in the summer, etc – you would like an apple orchard.

      Oh and the best book ever about apples? The Cider House Rules. Had to get a John Irving shout out in here!

  2. This makes me want to go pick Apples @tyna! I would love to pick them and then bake a pie! Until then, it’s the farmers market- the next best thing.. We used to pick them every fall as kids.. for $1.00 a bushel. I am soooo dating myself here! I also love fresh squeezed apple cider.. It’s amazing hot too. YUMMMY!

    1. Love, love, LOVE cider! Never had it hot though. Apple butter is the bomb too @tyna Love it on toast, love it in cottage cheese, love it stirred in to Oatmeal. I’ve got a Maple Pumpkin butter right now that’s pretty amazing too. Yay for fall fruit!

  3. Yes, I have to have my cider hot at least once every season… SO good! The Apple Olive Oil soap looks so devine too, have to get a bar of that!

  4. Omg, those apple cupcakes are adorable! And Apple butter is one if my favorite things to put on English muffins with a little real butter.

    I don’t usually visit a commercial apple orchard because my grandparents have tons of fruits and veggies that they grow in their backyard. :) they even own an apple cider press!

  5. That cupcake is like a burlesque show of deliciousness!

    My husband and I would go apple picking when we lived on the East coast. We’re now on the west, and though there are amazing apples here, we have yet to find an orchard. :(

    1. @stalecake – I love that you refered to that cupcake as a burlesque show, it so is! All curvy and delicious. Thanks for that awesome comment!

      @tyna – are you sure you don’t work for the apple council? Because I bought both apples and cider this weekend after seeing this post!

  6. Since I’m in New England, we go to a few apple orchards up here every fall. One in particular is THE balls–they make apple cider doughnuts fresh–like you watch your batch being made.
    Speaking of all things awesomely apple–Absolut makes an Orient Apple flavored vodka that is delightful when mixed with cranberry juice and ginger ale and served over ice. It’s like an alcoholic apple Kool-Aid. You’re welcome *hushed, creepy whisper*. :)

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