Etsy 4 for Friday – Christmas in July

Etsy 4 for Friday – Christmas in July

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Who wants to talk about Christmas!? No one? Admittedly, I’ve never been much of a Christmas in July type of person. I mean, the sun is out, the temp is soaring and the last thing on my mind is Christmas decor.

But, with a little shopping now, you can save yourself some stress during the holiday season and maybe some money while you’re at it! It’s a great time to stroll through Etsy searching for the perfect holiday decor. If you have an unusual color combination or a very popular one, now, when everyone else is thinking of Piña Coladas, is the perfect time to grab a few quality pieces.

I’ve got my eye on these pretties:

My house is always low on glassware during the holiday season. Stock up on some basics with this set of Vintage Holiday Drinking Glasses. This set contains six glasses with green and red graphics of wreaths, Christmas trees and bells surrounding the words “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year.” Like-new condition. $10

It never fails, every December I search frantically for a tree topper (and settle for a cheap one I never use again). But not this year! For 2011 I’m thinking of going with cool blues and crowning my tree with this stunning Vintage Glass Christmas Tree Topper. This beautiful 1950s era topper in a lovely teal blue measures almost 9 inches tall and is in great shape. $30

Another Christmas staple I am never happy with? The skirt. But leave it to Etsy to offer tons of handmade unique options like the Tuscan Christmas Tree Skirt in deep red and golds. This reversible skirt features a burnt velvet fabric in dark golds and reds on the top, a bottom of wine colored satin, with oodles of hand stitched gold beads along the edge. Measures 56 inches in diameter. $105

And it looks like I found the perfect ornaments to compliment my new tree topper. This set of Vintage Christmas Bulb Ornaments features a mixed lot of retro Shiny Brite and W. German made Christmas bulbs in swirls of blue, pinks and creams. 12 ornament lot $22.50

5 thoughts on “Etsy 4 for Friday – Christmas in July”

  1. What great finds! Every time I think of Christmas, I think of the felt Advent calendar that my Grandma made. It looked kind of like this one:

    Every day during Advent, my brother and I would close our eyes, pull out one of the felt ornaments from a pocket, and try to guess what it was. I still humor my grandma and do this, even though I’m 25. (Okay, who am I kidding, I totally love doing it! And I guess correctly almost 99% of the time!)

  2. @tyna what a great Etsy collection! I must admit that I am a Christmas nerd and would probably love it all year long! It’s A Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies! I especially loved the glasses and tree topper that you chose. Gorgeous!!

  3. @tyna, I like your picks too! Wow, those German made Christmas bulbs are soooooooooo old school. Reminds me of my tree when I was a kid..I can’t believe they are only $22.50!

    I am with you guys and don’t even want to think about Christmas in July.. I have to tell you that at work, we have been seeing and talking decorations since early May! It really makes me feel out of whack seeing it all.

    I love the topper above- it’s super cool and pretty!

  4. For some reason, East Coast beach towns all have big Christmas stores, so I know LOTS of people are thinking about Christmas in July. I did some browsing on my last beach trip, but didn’t buy anything.

    This is such a great collection of links, @tyna ! Maybe I’ll actually do a little Christmas shopping early for once.

  5. When @tyna told me she was doing a Christmas in July post I thought she was nuts! But she insisted it was a real thing.

    I just can’t do it though…but those bulbs sure are pretty. Must resist!

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