etsy 4 for Friday – Light my fire

etsy 4 for Friday – Light my fire

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If there’s one thing I wish my Craftsman apartment had, it’s a working fireplace. Due to earthquake codes, the beautiful, custom tiled, mahogany wood mantled fireplace in my living room is sealed up and not usable. Boo! While I can still decorate the mantel and place candles in the hearth, it’s just not quite the same as having a roaring, crackling fire that warms the entire room.

So for those of you lucky enough to have a working fireplace, this week’s Etsy 4 for Friday features a few items to keep that fire going strong (and looking pretty too) all winter long.

This long and lean, hand woven Mantel Basket is inspired by Colonial times when the fireplace was the center of the home. Similar baskets where used at the time to hide clutter – always the bane of a tidy home! This deep green hued basket fits perfectly on most any mantle and will look great filled with fireplace helpers or seasonal items like pinecones, Christmas ornaments or Easter Eggs. $42

Some people (mostly men it seems) get a lot of enjoyment poking, prodding and playing with the fire. If you or a loved one are the type, get them a tool like this Vintage Fireplace Poker and let them have at it! This incredibly designed black painted iron piece has a neat curved end for catching and moving logs and a decorative, sturdy handle. A must have for anyone that’s earned the nickname “The Keeper of the Fire”. $38

Meanwhile, some of us could use a hand getting that fire going. Here’s a little helper in an unexpected scent – Dried Lavender Stem Fire Starters. These handy little bundles are tied in a purple ribbon and ready to be tossed into a beginning fire. Not only will they get a good one roaring, they also release a lavender scent into the air. Five bundles for $10

When I first went to Etsy to research this post, this stunning piece, an antique copper jam pot was highlighted on the homepage. The incredible statement piece could be used as a planter, party cooler and, as seen above, a holder for your firewood. The antique pot is made of copper, features hand-forged handles, a well worn patina and includes a tripod base. $245

8 thoughts on “etsy 4 for Friday – Light my fire”

  1. I just Favorited those lavender bundles. We don’t do fires in the winter (we have a fire bowl outside but no fireplace inside, sadface) so I wont be able to use them for a while. Might be a great gift for a few friends too, can’t beat that price.

  2. I don’t have a fireplace, but I do have a wood stove–THANK GOD. This whole area was without power from a massive snow storm and we wouldn’t have survived 2 days without heat. I do wish I had a fireplace, though–I love mantels and the way they look. Eh, such is life.
    My favorite wood stove accessory is a steamer. It’s a cast iron pot with a lattice lid that you fill with water and other fun stuff (they sell oils you add to the water, but I’ve been slicing up apples & oranges and tossing in cinnamon sticks and cloves into the water) and as the stove heats, the steam from the pot is released and it helps humidify the dry air and smells like heaven.
    I do love the idea of the copper pot for firewood. I’ve been eyeballing one, but the hubby is having a hard time coming to grips with purchasing a $200 pot that’s sole purpose is to hold firewood. I can’t imagine why :P

  3. Really nice accessories! To be honest, I have never heard of Scented Fire Starters, but I find it such a great idea. I want a fireplace in my house now! :D

  4. All right, it’s officially cold today (going into the low 40’s tonight – crazy cold for LA) and I am soo wishing for a fireplace or stove right now.

    Glad you ladies liked these picks. It’s kind of fun to look for things I have no use for – no temptations.

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