etsy 4 for Friday – calendars

etsy 4 for Friday – calendars

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Happy New Year weheartsters! I almost always receive a few calendars over the holidays. But this year was an exception and I have yet to hang a new one in my house. I scanned the sales at my local retail stores, but didn’t find any that I really loved – so this 4 for Friday I turned to Etsy for some stylish calendars to keep me up to date in the new year.

In my office, I think the bigger the better; giant calendars somehow help to keep me on track and focused. This huge Chalkboard Wall Calendar is just the thing to keep the wht posts on schedule! This easily applied wall decal uses black chalkboard vinyl that you can write on, erase and rewrite upon as the months change. There’s also a side memo area to jot down notes and lists. $64

The new year is all about fresh starts, and this “Oh The Places You’ll Go” 2013 Weekly Calendar really captures the spirit of a shiny new year. Crafted from an upcycled copy of the classic Dr Seuss book, this calendar features 52 weekly calendars spread over two pages, as well as monthly calendars, a world and U.S. map, a conversion table and extra space for all of your to-do lists. Best of all the entire “Oh The Places You’ll Go!” story and images are interspersed throughout the book. $30

As a kid, I was always fascinated with never-ending calendars and this Vintage Perpetual Desk Calendar is calling my name. The retro calendar arrives in its original package and features burnt orange and black plastic blocks for the dates, day of the week and the month. And for the procrastinators, there is timely reminder to “Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today” stamped on the block holder. This would make a great gift for the Mad Men fan in your life! $15

Finally, for the wall in my kitchen I’m loving this 2013 Dog Illustrations Calendar.
Twelve original and adorable dog illustrations on bright white matte paper highlight each month. The entire calendar is tied with a white satin ribbon for easy hanging. $16

we heartsters – what type of calendar do you have for the new year?

4 thoughts on “etsy 4 for Friday – calendars”

  1. I love calendars and planners! Mine this year is boring, I’d wanted a fancy one but I decided the utilitarian will do since I’ve YET to stick to using my planners on a regular basis. Once I start being a grown up about using planners, THEN I can get a a pretty one. :-)

    But I am digging that perpetual calendar up top, it’s in great condition and is retro cute without being kitschy!

  2. At work I use and need big wall calendars too, @tyna. I have some really cute ones for home use.. actually I still need to get at least one more for the beer room..

  3. That Dog Illustrations Calendar is SO cute, @tyna !
    This year, I have a MOMA desk calendar, and a big, garish “Year of the Snake” calendar scroll, a gift from my local Chinese restaurant.

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